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Inquisite inquisite

Whirl-i-Gig @collectiveaccess New York

CollectiveAccess collectiveaccess

Whirl-i-Gig New York State, USA

Denis Rouzaud 3nids

@opengisch Champéry, Switzerland

arezoo besharati Arezoo-bz

UC Berkeley & UrbanSim Inc. San Francisco, CA

Tom Kralidis tomkralidis
🇨🇦 🌎 🇬🇷

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tasos Varoudis varoudis
Dr. T V is an architect, computer scientist and creative designer/technologist. Its all about space, HCI, machine intelligence, music and electronics.

'arch+ech' / arch +tech +research London

Juni junimukherjee

Mountain View, CA, USA

Ken Reitz ken-reitz
Cloud Software Architect, with experience in backend Python development and open source software. Creator of popular Python tools: Requests, Pipenv, & more

Cloudreach, Inc. Virginia, USA

Nathaniel V. KELSO nvkelso
Cartographer @Snapchat

Builder of maps + fine cartography ingredients. Connector of geo people + memes. Shepard of space, time and lunch. SF DC NULL

Martin O'Leary mewo2

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Luiz Andrade lcoandrade

Brazilian Army Brazil

Kajigga kajigga
I am a passionate Python fan. I love finding ways to automate daily tasks and make my life more efficient. I am a contributor to
Seth Battis battis
Educator. Electronics. Esthetics. Easterner (who thinks he's a Westerner).

Natick, MA

Andreas Knab knabar

Glencoe Software Inc.

Wes McKinney wesm
Director of Creator of Python pandas. Co-creator Apache Arrow. @apache Member and Apache Parquet PMC

@ursa-labs / @rstudio Nashville, TN

Gegy gegy1000
i make minecraft mods sometimes

South Africa

William Klug wsklug

UCLA Los Angeles, CA

Scott Hurrey shurrey

Blackboard Harpers Ferry, WV

Lee Hachadoorian leehach

Temple University Philadelphia, PA

Armin Ronacher mitsuhiko
Software developer and Open Source nut. Creator of the Flask framework. Engineering at @getsentry. Other things of interest: @pallets and @rust-lang

Sentry Austria

Mike Taylor bear

Philadelphia, PA

Daniel Feldroy pydanny
Husband of @audreyr 💘, father of Uma 🍼, President/COO of, Co-Author of Django Crash Course & Two Scoops of Django, formerly @nasa

@feldroy Los Angeles, California, USA

Leighton Shank leightonshank

James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA


Wellington, New Zealand

Stephen McDonald stephenmcd

Google Sydney, Australia

Audrey Feldroy audreyfeldroy
CEO of Feldroy. Developer, artist, writer, and mother. Core committer to @pydanny 💘

@feldroy Los Angeles, CA

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