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Hermes and Google Mail Reminder

  • Connect to your Cambridge Hermes email and/or Gmail account.
  • Check incoming mails every x minutes.
  • Call/message you if you received an email from your boss.
  • If you do not read your boss' email, the program will keep calling you every x minutes.


Requirements: Windows OS, connected to the internet

  1. Clone or copy (click the green button at the top right corner) this repository to your local directory.

  2. Edit your info in config.json (username, password, etc.)

    • messagebird_secret: no need to change for initial trials.
    • greetings: please DIY.
    • mybosses: a list of your bosses' emails.
    • phonenumbers: a list of phone numbers to be called.
    • interval: the time interval between two checks. Measured in minutes.
    • run_on_windows_startup: if you want the program to auto start after each reboot. Only tested on Windows 7.

    If you are using Windows Notepad to edit json files, please make sure to save your edited file in json format. File -> Save as -> Save as type -> All Files (*.*) -> Click OK

  3. Run mail_checker.exe

Voice call service

I use Messagebird as the voice call service provider and each voice call to UK numbers costs 2 pences. In config.json, I included a messagebird_api_secret worth 15 pounds (approx 750 calls). You need to buy our own credit for regular usages. Please refer to

An alternative message api provider is Twilio.

Remote control

  • You could save the this repository into your Dropbox folder. And then edit config.json file through your Dropbox. The program will use your new settings in its next check.