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You must fight to defend the earth from invading aliens.

Click to see the instructions, or click "Start" to begin the game.

Move the ship back and forth using your arrow keys, and use the spacebar to shoot at alien ships. You will have to hit them more than once to destroy them, and they will become more difficult to destroy as the game progresses.

You can see your statistics on the side panel. You can also see the alien ships' statistics, so you know which ones to target.

Once you destroy all the ships on each level, you will have the option to proceed to the next one. Each level will have more, harder-to-kill ships.

Once you defeat all the small ships on earth, you will go to the final level and fight the waves of remaining alien ships in space.

If you run out of hull points before defeating all of the alien ships, the game is over.

You will have the option to click start over to reset the game.

This game was made using jQuery and HTML5 Canvas.

Future versions of this game will have dynamic alien ships that move and fly towards the user to make the game more fun and challenging. There will be multiple different types of alien ships (some of which have special attacks or defenses). It will also have additional levels in new and exciting locations. There may also be a two-player option.

It would also be cool to have alien ships with randomly generated hull strength.

A problem that I overcame in the process of creating this game was learning how to animate the HTML5 Canvas in a way that 1. worked and 2. did not crash the browser window once I added in more than one moving piece.

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