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my canvas (spotify OAuth integration)

Everyone is a collection of their stories - tell yours.

My Canvas is a social multimedia collage sharing application, where users can express themselves through music and photography. Users can log in or create an account and then verify using their spotify account, which will allow them to access their public Spotify playlist data and select one to play along with their collage.

Users are able to upload, view, edit, and delete photos from their canvas.

Users can also view other users' canvases on the 'Community Canvas' page, although they are only able to edit content on their own.

Users are also able to modify their own login information.

Additional features to this application may be increased social interaction between users (liking and commenting on other people's photos and canvases, etc) and increase customization options for your personal canvas.

I'm building this app as a 2.0 version of the original here, which was built as a pair project with Noemi Romero in a one-week sprint.

We intended for the original to include the Spotify OAuth functionality, but we decided to add it in too late in the process and didn't have time to do the necessary (major) restructuring. I'm building this one over from scratch to fix some of the problems we had along the way, as well as to dive deeper into OAuth and get more practice building with Express.

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