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Web companion for "Fields of Gold: Scraping Web Data for Marketing Insights"


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Fields of Gold: Scraping Web Data for Marketing Insights

Web companion for "Fields of Gold: Scraping Web Data for Marketing Insights", forthcoming at the Journal of Marketing.

Visit the website at

Netlify Status

The replication package for the paper is available here on GitHub and on Zenodo.

Technical Documentation

This website has been programmed using the Hugo framework, using the GetDoks theme. The site is deployed via Netlify.


The code for this project is available open access via this repository, and contributions in form of code, text, or recommendations for papers are always welcome.

If you wish to contribute content, you can get in touch with us at If you're tech-savvy, you can also directly contribute to the site by making a pull request on GitHub.

Learning to use GitHub

We have prepared some resources at Tilburg Science Hub to get you started using GitHub.

How to run this site? (tldr)

  • Fork this repository
  • Clone your fork using git clone[YOURUSERNAME]/webdata-website
  • cd webdata-website
  • npm install
  • npm run start or hugo server

More info on running the site using the GetDoks template is available here.