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A high framerate, fully configurable OpenGL music visualizer
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A OpenGL music visualizer. GLMViz currently supports FiFo buffers and PulseAudio as input.

The main focus of this project is to create a high framerate, dB correct spectrum audio visualizer.


Minimal Config

More examples are in the Example folder.

Build Requirements

GLMViz is NOT a lightweight program as it's build using GLFW and other OpenGL abstraction libraries.

  • OpenGL libraries: libglfw, libglm
  • FFT library: fftw
  • PulseAudio[Optional]: libpulse
  • Configuration library: libconfig++

Additionally CMake 3.0.2 / Meson and a C++11 compatible compiler are needed to successfully build the project.


The install script automatically creates a build folder, handles configuration, etc... Runnig the install script will install GLMViz to /usr/local/bin/ and copy the default config to /etc/GLMViz/config


Per-user configurations have to be copied manually using:

cp /etc/GLMViz/config ~/.config/GLMViz/config


glmviz [path-to-config]

Exit with CTRL-C or by closing the window.

The config can be reloaded by pressing R or by sending SIGUSR1 to the program.


Big thanks to dpayne and Karl Stavestrand for the pulseaudio setup code. Also thanks to xdaimon and kritzikratzi for the smooth line shader idea.

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