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(c) Hannes Hapke 2015

Presentation and video

I will add the presentation slides and the video once the PyDX 2015 is over and the video is uploaded to

Geocoder and other Python examples

The folder geocoder contains four different code samples:

  • address geocoder example
  • ip address geocoder example
  • generating static map images (street maps, satelitte maps, etc.)
  • extracting geo data from images

Install the following three packages:

  • Geocoder: pip install geocoder
  • motionless: pip install motionless
  • Geocoder: pip install -e

Shapefile example

The folder shapefile contains a simple how-to for using the amazing Portland Atlas by @Caged

GeoDjango Example

This example code demonstrates how to generate Points in GeoDjango/postGIS and how to query them based on GeoDjango queries.

The example demonstrates:

  • Simple GeoModel
  • Demonstrate the GeoDjango Admin
  • How to save Points
  • How to search for Points within a Polygon
  • Leaflet Maps

Example of the GeoDjango Sample Code

GeoDjango + REST API example

This example code deonstrates how to move from a general GeoDjango project to an API endpoint based on the Django REST Framework

The example demonstrates:

  • Create an API endpoint through the Django REST Framework
  • Download the 20 latest twitter messages by the Portland police
  • Set up a GeoSerializer
  • Demo of AngularJS ng-map
  • Limit the API requests by the boudning box of the client's map (This limits your client/server requests)

Example of the GeoDjango + REST Sample Code