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This is my personal website/blog written using Lucky. Enjoy!

Setting up the project

  1. Run make dev-server to start the app
  2. Visit localhost:5000 in the browser


This is a bit of an experiment to be as pedantic about each and every bit of code as we can be realistically. The following checks are run (see also .circleci/config.yml):

Check Description
Static analysis Checks for unused variables etc. Run with ./bin/ameba
Code formatting Can check formatting with crystal tool format --check and also autofix when omitting --check
Unit tests Run em with crystal spec
Integration tests Some of the tests hit the database and are not necessarily micro-test. Run em through the same runner with crystal spec
Visual regression tests Uses backstopjs. Was a bit trickier to get running smoothly on CI. Needs a few pointers, see below. Run with npm test
CSS linting Uses stylelint, run with rpm run lint
Automated code review Pull requests trigger a run of danger-js which looks for basics like PR descriptions, small-ish PRs.
Accessibility testing The chrome dev tools can analyse contrast etc. Run with npm run accessibility-test which uses a script heavily based on Google Chrome's a11y dev tools
Security testing On the frontend side we can make sure not to have major security holes in the dependencies, which is checked by npm audit
Mutation testing We can inject intentional code changes that must fail the test-suite to check if they do. This is using my own mutation test librabry crytic
  • Performance testing

Visual regression testing

  • To generate reference images on the mac, run docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/src hanneskaeufler/crystal-node-ruby:0.25.1 backstop --config=/src/backstop.js
  • Switch the host in backstop.json to host.docker.internal:5000, see docker guides
  • To export the local visual regression test database, run /Applications/ --no-acl --no-owner --data-only --table=posts blog_visual_test > blog_visual_test.dump
  • Also, duh:

Learning Lucky

Lucky uses the Crystal programming language. You can learn about Lucky from the Lucky Guides.

Deploying manually

This project is continually deployed with a workflow on circleci. You can however deploy manually: Run git push heroku master. To export/import the database see:

Deploying locally with Docker

Start the database and app by running docker-compose up. Run docker-compose run app crystal -- db.migrate to setup the db.

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