My personal blog.
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This is my personal website/blog written using Lucky. Enjoy!

Setting up the project

  1. Install required dependencies
  2. Run bin/setup
  3. Run lucky dev to start the app


This is a bit of an experiment to be as pedantic about each and every bit of code as we can be realistically. The following checks are run (see also .circleci/config.yml):

  • Static analysis on crystal code with ./bin/ameba
  • Code formatting checks on crystal code with crystal tool format --check
  • Unit / Integration tests with crystal spec
  • Visual regression testing with npm test (using backstopjs)
    • To generate reference images on the mac, run docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/src hanneskaeufler/crystal-node-ruby:0.25.1 backstop --config=/src/backstop.js
    • Switch the host in backstop.json to host.docker.internal:5000, see docker guides
    • To export the local visual regression test database, run /Applications/ --no-acl --no-owner --data-only --table=posts blog_visual_test > blog_visual_test.dump
    • Also, duh:
  • CSS linting with npm run lint (using stylelint)
  • Pull request trigger a run of danger-js which tries to do the following:
    • Avoid "fixme/todo" comments in code
  • Accessibility testing with the chrome developer tools via npm run accessibility-test
  • Performance testing
  • Mutation testing

Learning Lucky

Lucky uses the Crystal programming language. You can learn about Lucky from the Lucky Guides.

Deploying manually

This project is continually deployed with a workflow on circleci. You can however deploy manually: Run git push heroku master. To export/import the database see:

Deploying locally with Docker

Start the database and app by running docker-compose up. Run docker-compose run app crystal -- db.migrate to setup the db.