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@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ warning will be removed completely.
See `DEP-0003 <>`_ for
more details.
Library Changes
@@ -46,6 +47,20 @@ from the ``collections`` library. Additionally, the ``plists``
module has been `documented
+Support for MacOS 9 locators has been removed. This is pre-OS X code
+and we don't support Mac OS 9 as a platform.
+The bit-vectors module in the collections library works correctly now
+on 64 bit platforms.
+The ``command-line-parser`` library has been relicensed and is now
+available for wider usage. This replaces old command parsing code.
+This library has not yet been documented.
+``load-library`` has now been implemented on Linux, Mac OS X and
+FreeBSD. Previously, this was only supported on Windows.
Documentation Improvements
@@ -69,6 +84,22 @@ Documentation Improvements
dylan-compiler Improvements
+Relocatable Executables and Libraries
+Previously, the executables and libraries built by the Dylan
+compiler had to reside at a fixed path (set during compilation).
+This has now been loosened up significantly on Linux, Mac OS X
+and FreeBSD. The same directory structure needs to be maintained
+with the ``bin`` and ``lib`` directories, but the location in
+the file system can change now.
+On Linux and FreeBSD, this uses ``$ORIGIN`` support in the
+dynamic linker. On Mac OS X, this uses ``rpath`` support present
+in Mac OS X 10.5 and later.
Usability - Output and Locating Libraries
@@ -100,6 +131,7 @@ this change is that if you work on several distinct projects you will
initially have to build all dependencies, down to and including the
``dylan`` library.
Documentation Generation
@@ -113,6 +145,18 @@ a library and then::
In a future release, the support currently present for the XML formatted
documentation will be removed.
+Dependency Graph Generation
+You can now generate a dependency graph (at the library level) for a
+project in both text and GraphViz ``.dot`` format. Open a project and::
+ > export -format dot dependency-graph
+or, for plain text::
+ > export dependency-graph
Code Generation Improvements
@@ -224,34 +268,37 @@ This has been fixed and the resulting code can run in 50-80% of the
time that it previously took. This is particularly true for users
of the I/O libraries which make heavy use of unwind-protect.
+Shared Library Initialization
+The C back-end now generates shared libraries which can be used with
+``dlopen()``. This behavior is in line with the libraries generated
+by the native HARP back-end.
+Some other bugs that resulted in the generation of invalid C have
+been fixed.
Other Changes
.. TODO: elevate more of these to their own section.
In reverse chronological order
-* generate jam files with correct gc environment given by configure baragent Feb 17, 2012 4538278dda9e8767a620e345c1f7f8da2c801f19
* fix control flow graph if unwind-protect without body is optimized hannes Feb 16, 2012 e946c88a18fcc20191f9b6b30a463c85617842ba issue #182
* fix split when remove-with-empty? is true abeaumont Feb 07, 2012 1c3512d571ba25fb7bfd101585db5afcf3315353
-* initial man pages for dylan-compiler and make-dylan-app waywardmonkeys Feb 04, 2012 9a9b2847f212bd866c9d623f603dfc2dd01a25a8
* reimplement make-dylan-app in Dylan glidesurfer Feb 01, 2012 pull request #172
* fix limited type handling hannes Jan 25, 2012 pull request #158 issue #177, issue #122, issue #82
* cleanup release-info library hannes Jan 18, 2012 pull request #162
* expand pathnames in interactive console compiler hannes Jan 11, 2012 ba5e5c97fad5e1f2758e262d28441a2faa5ecc93 issue #149
-* added dependency report waywardmonkeys Jan 07, 2012 45e1267e014db3762e579e1fefca4f9850df3337
-* fix bug-report to support all current operating system values and work in HTML mode waywardmonkeys Dec 29, 2011 8adda595df1444e4d232a0b5cef859dae03c562b 0930789132f2af3954942eee8fa8bb681d371821
-* various fixes to project commands and properties waywardmonkeys Dec 28, 2011 394074426db442e2d859a5fce56b58da95fc297d
-* fix shared library initialization in C back-end waywardmonkeys Dec 28, 2011 b8591d14a4a24656599f1c0a8364d9de621a8f72
-* implement load-library via dlopen Dec waywardmonkeys 27, 2011 ff523f27d81189da1a07e379bd74f159dd0389a1
* abort when applying too many arguments in C run-time housel Dec 20, 2011 e7ceda33f00e460a693c7ccd81f484ae40b13586
-* remove libtool, since it wasn't used waywardmonkeys Dec 20, 2011 4a983d5028b77b1c2c6698c2379759e08d2470b0
-* fix internal error when macroexpand is called with no open project hannes Dec 19, 2011 b4fd09dc6314d57b256dc76d3c06eef769e746f8 issue #77
* remove unused functional-objects-extras module hannes Dec 18, 2011 2e7f2a4cb38f278495b48f7883360ddd349f2b9f issue #90
* Fix a compilation crash with C backend when trying to emit an overflown integer abeaumont Dec 18, 2011 819b99bfe14656f5b5081bd70287d8d9f7fb7c7f
* reduce debug output of compiler (by making it optional with debug-out) hannes Dec 15, 2011 d093ae6cdfd5f4b8dd8ff3ac6359e8f6d9a8f847 issue #92
* extended floating-point support housel core-library Dec 14, 2011 b2762c85f554b0ad99efe800259c709e918ce460 bug 7122
-* remove MacOS locators hannes core-library Dec 13, 2011 beeb8635eac918685f3cfff08eb38c5428fb1ac4
-* unification of code in common-dylan on UNIX (command line argument parsing etc) hannes core-library Dec 11, 2011 060f69f44a990adeea0f1db34677f6091fd61dfa

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