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This is a library for Atmel SAM MCUs. I don't know where the official
site for it is, but I found it in the Arduino repository. Both binary
and source versions are available in the Arduino repository.

I built this one from the source. You can find this in the following
directory within the Arduino repository:

The latest version from the master branch on the day of this was used.
That's commit 60b169fbe93c861b6c06d57f57b8f5b2be5919e0.

I built it using the following commands:
cd build_gcc
make arduino_due_x ARM_GCC_TOOLCHAIN=/usr/bin

This requires the arm-none-eabi-* toolchain and its matching standard
library to be installed. On Arch Linux, the following packages should
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hannobraun committed Apr 8, 2016
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