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Von Neumann Defense Force

About This Repository

This repository holds the source code for Von Neumann Defense Force, a multiplayer game that was in development for a number of years, but was ultimately abandoned. The game was created by Hanno Braun, who was later joined by Chris Gill.

This is the repository that was used from the very beginning, containing thousands of commits, from the very first one, through all the twists and turns, all the failures and successes, on to the last whimpers and final abandonment. We're releasing it in the hope that you may use the code for something useful.

Please note that the code in this repository is that of an in-progress game project that started years ago and was abandoned mid-development. As such, the code was never really intended for public consumption and is of varying quality.

Getting Started

This game is written in Rust. To work on it (or run it), you need the following prerequisites:

  • A Rust nightly from around December 2015 (the last time this game was being worked on). I recommend using rustup to install it.
  • FreeType is required to run and to build the client. On Linux, it should be available via your package manager. If you have installed it, but still get a link error, you might also need to install the matching -dev package.

Once you're set up with Rust and Cargo, you can build Pan, the command-line "IDE" we used to help with development.

On Linux:


On Windows:


Once Pan is set up, you can use it to do some standard development tasks.

Run all tests:

pan test

Start the server:

pan server

Start a client:

pan client

To successfully start a client, you need to run the server first, so the client has something to connect to (see above).

Additional Information

The VNDF website is located at http://hannobraun.de/vndf. Especially interesting is the newsletter archive.

There's also some documentation in the docs directory of this repository. The game design documentation is probably most interesting.

And of course there's the source code itself.


Unless noted otherwise, all code in this repository is licensed under the conditions of the CC0, which basically makes it available to everyone, without any restrictions. Please refer to the summary and the full legal text.