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Cascade Server Chrome Extension

Author: Syl Turner

This is an attempt at porting the Cascade Server Firefox Extension over to Google Chrome.

Google Chrome does not allow extensions to change the context menu (right-click).  To provide
similar functionality from the Firefox version to Google Chrome, we'll manipulate the DOM to
add buttons next to links in the UI.

It looks like they are planning on adding context menu to extension development:
It also looks like the expected functionality we need to replicate the Firefox extension is
a "future improvement:"
"Provide a mechanism for getting a handle to the precise node in the DOM where the menu was activate"

Until then, we can play with this DOM manipulation...

What are all these files?
/lib/jquery/jquery-1.3.2.min.js - we're using the jquery library
/styles/ - directory where a bunch of icons and the css file is located.  Many of those icons
aren't being used just yet, and just taken from the Firefox Extension project
/functions.js - Where all the core functionality for the extension is
/manifest.json - Chrome's manifest file.  If you need to add stuff to how the browser works,
or what files to include, it goes here.
/README - this.