Example Sites for importing into Cascade Server instances.
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Cascade Server Example Sites

Example Sites for importing into Cascade Server instances.

  • Blog - Example of blogging in Cascade Server. It is the actual example talked about in this blog post and demonstrated in this webinar.

  • Bricks - Example of micro-content functionality we call Bricks. Used to update small pieces of content that exist within larger pieces of content.

  • Course Catalog

  • Faculty Directory

  • HTML5 Boilerplate - HTML5 Boilerplate templates integrated into Cascade.

  • News - Example of news/press content. Categories, monthly and yearly archives, social media sharing, RSS and Atom feeds, Bootstrap v3.0.2, and more.

  • PHP Form Builder

  • Site Scaffolding - Basic Site for building out a brand new Site from scratch that has folder scaffolding. Contains the admin folder structure, a few Index Blocks, and an XML Template.

  • Social Media Mashup

  • Starter Site - Basic starter for building out a brand new Site from scratch. Contains sample folder structure, example Admin assets, example Index Blocks, and example Asset Factory.