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ohconvert integrates ohcount_ into Jenkins_.
This script invokes ohcount, parses its output and converts it into the format
understood by the SLOCCountPlugin_ for Jenkins. This is equivalent to calling
sloccount_ with the options::
sloccount --duplicates --wide --details path ...
You need to have ohcount_ 3.0.0 or later installed and it needs to be directly
executable from the path. You can check by calling ``ohcount --help``. ohcount
can be built manually or is available from some system package management tools.
For example it's available as ``ohcount`` in the latest macports_.
You can call the script via::
ohconvert path ...
Output Jenkins SLOCCountPlugin compatible data collected with ohcount.
* `-h, --help` show this help message and exit
* `-o,` Output filename (instead of stdout)
The source code can be found at:
.. _ohcount:
.. _Jenkins:
.. _sloccount:
.. _SLOCCountPlugin:
.. _macports: