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Tensorflow Implementation of Nested LSTM Cell

Here is a tensorflow implementation of Nested LSTM cell.

nlstm architecture
Nested LSTM Architecture. Courtesy of Moniz et al.

NLSTM cell is basically a LSTM-like cell that uses the cell memory to control the state of the inner LSTM, and as such, the architecture can be generalized to multiple layers. For a comparison between LSTM and NLSTM,

lstm vs nlstm
LSTM and stacked LSTM, versus nested LSTM. Courtesy of Moniz et al.

The implementation here is compatible with the tensorflow rnn API.

from rnn_cell import NLSTMCell
cell = NLSTMCell(num_units=3, depth=2)
init_state = cell.zero_state(batch_size, dtype=tf.float32)
output, new_state = cell(inputs, state=init_state)