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Flash Message Plugin for Lithium

The Flash Message (li3_flash_message) plugin provides a straightforward interface for displaying status messages to the user.


Add the plugin to app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php.


Make sure you have set up a default session configuration in app/config/bootstrap/session.php.

Basic Usage

use li3_flash_message\extensions\storage\FlashMessage;

// ... some form validation logic ...
FlashMessage::write('Error, please check your inputs!');

Use the helper to output messages inside your views.

<?=$this->flashMessage->output(); ?>

In order to customize the output, copy app/libraries/li3_flash_message/views/elements/flash_message.html.php to app/views/elements/flash_message.html.php and adjust it to your needs.

Advanced Usage

For now please refer to the documented source or the test cases.

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