Tasks to access li3 during phing actions. Not for usage in the application
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Tasks to access li3 during phing actions. Not for usage in the application. Intended to place among the other li3 plugins in your app or main librarie.


Include in your build.xml a refence to the tasks defined here:

<taskdef name="li3" classname="Li3Task" classpath="path/libraries/li3_phing" />

The task is child of the ExecTask, so all of its properties can be used:

  • executable: not to be used

  • command: to command to pass to li3, eg test tests/cases.

Additional properties:

  • php: reference to the php binarie. Defaults to php. Set if php needs to called in a speciic way

  • li3php: reference to the location of lithium.php. Defaults to lithium/console/lithium.php. Normally needs no modification, see the next property.

  • li3pathprefix: will be placed in front of li3php, to easy adjust the location of li3php. Defaults to ``, can be set to ../libraries/ when the li3 task is run from the application context and lithium is nearby.

License etc.

Distributed under MIT license.

Copyright (c) Hans Donner, 2012.

Feel free to fork, create pull requests etc.