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This is a simple vue frontend web application that exposes a simple management UI for the graphql types and resolvers. It is including Luigi to make it compatible with the Kyma console UI.

Once you've built your docker image and deployed to your Kyma cluster, the UI will look similar to the following image:

Deployment to your Kyma Cluster

You can use the default docker container in all.yaml but you will need to change a few settings:

  • make sure the namespace for all resources is correct, we use stage by default
  • change the backend url to the graphql-server-api (which needs to be deployed first) in the ConfigMap which is part of all.yaml.
  • you will most likely also have to change the API resource, e.g. change the hostname to your cluster hostname.

Once you have changed the files, use these commands:

kubectl apply -f k8s/all.yaml

At this point you will find a new API resource (exposed, no security) as part of your APIs list in the Kyma console. To wire this new UI to the Kyma console, pick up the API Url and then change the URL in the graphql-console-ui-cmf.yaml file. Then also apply this:

kubectl apply -f k8s/graphql-console-ui-cmf.yaml

Et voilà! You should now see a GraphQL section in the Kyma Console, simply reload your console ui.

Running locally

To run this locally, first install via

yarn install

and then run

yarn run serve

This will start the dev server.

Please note: the backend URL is set via the public/config.js file. For development purposes, the backend URL is set to localhost:3000. When running the container in the cluster, be sure to replace the config.js file via a ConfigMap. The file k8s/all.yaml will replace the config.js via a ConfigMap,be sure to change the ConfigMap settings when you deploy to your cluster.

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