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Lessons in Programming for several Weekendschools in The Netherlands
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Algemene Begeleidershandleiding
Les 1A - Unplugged - Robot smeert boterham
Les 1B - Gezond computergebruik
Les 1B - Red de Prinses
Les 2A - Reactietijdenspel met de eend
Les 2B - Teken met potmeter/Scratch 1.4
Les 3
Opbouwen en inpakken
Power On Test
Thuis verder
Aanwijzing voor het leerlingen uitleensysteem.docx
~$nwijzing voor het leerlingen uitleensysteem.docx


Lessons in Programming for several Weekendschools in The Netherlands

This repository will hold all the material for the lessons Programming that are given at the Trudo Weekendschool in Eindhoven and at the IMC Weekendschools in the Netherlands.

The target group is motivated students from underprivileged areas of ca. 11 years old.

The programming takes place in Scratch on Raspberry Pi as well as the Arduino IDE programming an Arduino Nano. The curriculum consists of 3 lessons spread over 5 days of 2.5 hours each, where in the second lesson the students learn to do physical computing with LEDs, buttons, a joy-stick and servos. The material is in Dutch.

If you are interested in the material but you are not a Dutch speaker then feel free to raise an issue so that we can see whether parts of the material can be translated.

It may be of interest to also have a look at the material in the repository Weekendschool-PiAndMore.

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