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≈20x depth compression
C++ CMake PowerShell
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Temporal RVL

This repository provides a header-only implementation of Temporal RVL (cpp/src/rvl.h, cpp/src/trvl.h) with code and data for the replication of the manuscript at below. To see how to use the header files, see example.cpp, especially function run_trvl().

alt text

For replication,

  1. Unzip data from into folder data.
  2. Install OpenCV using vcpkg inside this repository as a submodule.
  3. Build cpp with CMake.
  4. Run Paper (paper.cpp) that will produce a csv file in folder output.
  5. Open folder r-studio/temporal-rvl.Rproj with RStudio.


Jun, H., & Bailenson, J. (2020). Temporal RVL: A Depth Stream Compression Method. Proceedings of IEEE Virtual Reality (VR).

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