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A PHP script that converts a JSON file exported from Clipperz
to a XML file that can be imported by Password Safe. Written by
Hans F. Nordhaug - <>.
Usage: php clipperz2passwordsafe.php [option] json-file xml-file
Currently the only option is '-utf8encode' which can be used if
you, by accident, saved the exported JSON file as ISO-8859-1/CP-1252.
The script tries to handle the fact that a Clipperz card can contain
many username and password pairs. It also tries to warn when
data is skipped because a Password Safe entry is less flexible
than a Clipperz card.
The script is NOT intended to be run on a webserver, because uploading
the JSON file with all your unencrypted passwords is very high risk.
The script is placed in the public domain.
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