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head fork: hanshillen/jquery-ui
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Commits on Feb 04, 2011
@jzaefferer jzaefferer jquery-tmpl based experiment for a datepicker rewrite. Basic picker
rendering is working, no interaction or popup, yet.
Commits on Feb 05, 2011
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Datepicker rewrite: Fix popups, implement a few hoverables and click
handlers, update input and trigger select event. Add select for
switching cultures.
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Formatting and cleanup cad5cd8
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Prevent defaults for click events a5488ef
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Cleanup 679be0a
@jzaefferer jzaefferer More cleanup eb06cf6
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Don't print lead days. 7b360ce
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Highlight selected date and current day. 35fa801
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Cleanup and formatting 2d41f24
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Hide unused buttonpane 4de9650
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Enable customization for day rendering 51fbac0
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Added template customization example, here week number rendering. 2d87cc2
Commits on Feb 07, 2011
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Added localization ae07303
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Use event delegation for hover state, _hoverable adds too much overhead
each refresh.
Commits on Feb 08, 2011
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Multi month datepicker prototype 5e980d1
Commits on Feb 10, 2011
@jzaefferer jzaefferer Added template composition example (with $data. prefix workaround). 31f52bd
Commits on Apr 07, 2011
@hanshillen Merge branch 'master' into master-hh cb4b769
Commits on Apr 08, 2011
@hanshillen Added High Contrast Scheme Detection ($.support.highContrast) 9ac25e5
@hanshillen Change high contrast class name to be more unique 8186e11
@hanshillen Merge branch 'master' into master-hh d66705e
@hanshillen Converted spaces to tabs ae0ab1b
@hanshillen Added keyboard support for moving and resizing in dialog (using added…
… toolbar buttons
@hanshillen Update for keyboard accessible dialog dragging/resizing. Dialog
components are now triggers, rather than adding toolbar buttons. Moved
createButtons up so that the tab order stays correct. Moved key event
handlers to _makeDraggable and _makeResizable
Commits on Apr 11, 2011
@hanshillen Fix modal dialog tab order in Safari e4a5251
Commits on Apr 12, 2011
@hanshillen Prevent keyboard trap when tabbing into the document from browser chr…
…ome while modal dialog is showing