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Allegro Common Lisp interface to 0MQ, originally forked off
Common Lisp
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acl-zmq: Allegro Common Lisp interface to 0MQ

This library implements an interface to the 0MQ message queueing system for Allegro Common Lisp (ACL). It is a fork of the cl-zmq library which is based on CFFI. As CFFI does not support the style of errno passing that ACL uses and could not easily be fixed to do that, all CFFI code was replaced by native ACL FFI calls. Also, the API of acl-zmq has deviated from cl-zmq so that it is more idiomatic (ugh) Common Lisp and supports a consless mode for polling queues.

acl-zmq has been implemented and tested with Allegro CL 8.2, 0MQ version 2 as of June 2010 from github on Linux x86/64. There may be integer length issues with 32 bit platforms.

Like cl-zmq, acl-zmq is distributed under the LLGPL.

The code has not been tested or used a lot, so it is likely to contain bugs. As I am not currently using ACL and ZMQ, I cannot give any support for it. Please keep this in mind if you use it as a starting point for your project.

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