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(in-package :bknr.datastore)
(defun save-cmucl-clean-slime-debugger ()
"Called in *after-save-initializations* because cores dumped
when slime is running has this bound. TODO"
(format t "~&clearing debugger hook (~A)" cl:*debugger-hook*)
(setf cl:*debugger-hook* nil))
(defun save-cmucl-close-fd-handlers ()
(loop for handler in lisp::*descriptor-handlers*
when (> (lisp::handler-descriptor handler) 2)
(defun save-cmucl-inits (corefilepath)
"called in the child process"
(when cl:*debugger-hook*
(warn "CHILD: setting debugger-hook to NIL")
(setf cl:*debugger-hook* nil) ; does not work!
(pushnew 'save-cmucl-clean-slime-debugger ext:*after-save-initializations*))
(pushnew 'system::reinitialize-global-table ext:*after-save-initializations*)
(ext:save-lisp corefilepath)
(warn "CHILD: strangely survived. killing.")
(unix:unix-exit 1))
(defun snapshot-core (&optional (corefilepath "/tmp/bknr.core"))
(cond ((zerop (unix:unix-fork))
(save-cmucl-inits corefilepath))
(t (alien:alien-funcall
(alien:extern-alien "wait"
(alien:function alien:unsigned alien:unsigned))
(warn "PARENT saved"))