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(defpackage :planetwit
(:use :cl)
(:export #:*twitter-access-token*
(in-package :planetwit)
(defun child-as-string (child-name element)
(stp:string-value (first (stp:filter-children (stp:of-name child-name) element))))
(defun current-items ()
(multiple-value-bind (content status headers uri stream close-stream-p reason)
(drakma:http-request "" :external-format-in :utf-8)
(declare (ignore headers uri stream close-stream-p))
(if (= 200 status)
(mapcar (lambda (item)
(list :guid (child-as-string "guid" item)
:title (child-as-string "title" item)))
(stp:filter-recursively (stp:of-name "item")
(cxml:parse content
:entity-resolver (lambda (public-id system-id)
(format t "resolve-entity public-id ~S system-id ~S~%" public-id system-id)
(flex:make-in-memory-input-stream #())))))
(warn "could not get current items from twitter (status ~A)" status))))
(defun shorten-url (url)
(nth-value 0 (drakma:http-request (format nil ""
(hunchentoot:url-encode url)))))
(defparameter *data-file-name* (asdf:system-relative-pathname :planetwit "planetwit.dat"))
(defun save-data (data)
(with-open-file (f *data-file-name*
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede
:external-format :utf-8)
(write data :stream f :readably t))))
(defun load-data ()
(with-open-file (f *data-file-name*
:if-does-not-exist nil
:external-format :utf-8)
(when f
(read f))))
(defvar *twitter-access-token*)
(alexandria:when-let (file (probe-file "access-token.lisp"))
(load file))
(defparameter *twitter-url* "")
(defun post-to-twitter (item)
(format t "post-to-twitter: ~S~%" item)
(destructuring-bind (&key guid title) item
(let* ((tinyurl (shorten-url guid))
(status (format nil "~A ~A"
(subseq title 0
(min (length title) (- 140 (length tinyurl) 1)))
(status (format nil "~A ~A"
(subseq title 0 (min (- 140 (length guid) 1) (length title)))
(format t "posting ~S~%" status)
(multiple-value-bind (response status)
:request-method :post
:user-parameters (list (cons "status" status)
(cons "source" "planet_lisp")))
(unless (= 200 status)
(unless (stringp response)
(setf response (flexi-streams:octets-to-string response)))
(if (cl-ppcre:scan "Status is a duplicate" response)
(warn "duplicate post skipped")
(error "can't update twitter status: ~A ~A" status response)))))))
(defun poll-planet ()
(let* ((old-data (load-data))
(current-data (current-items))
(new-items (set-difference current-data old-data
:key (lambda (item) (getf item :guid))
:test #'equal)))
(when current-data
(dolist (item new-items)
(post-to-twitter item)
(error (e)
(format t "could not post: ~A" e))))
(save-data current-data))))
(defparameter *status-port* 3884)
(defvar *last-poll* (get-universal-time))
(defvar *errors* nil
"List of errors that occured while polling or updating the status")
(defconstant +max-errors+ 10
"After this many errors occured in succession, the status handler
will produce an error so that the http monitor will notice the
problem and send email.")
(hunchentoot:define-easy-handler (status :uri "/") ()
(when (> (length *errors*) +max-errors+)
(error "too many errors polling planet lisp:~%~{~A~%~}" *errors*))
(setf (hunchentoot:content-type*) "text/plain")
(format nil "Last Planet Lisp poll: ~A~%~@[Errors:~%~{~A~%~}~]"
(drakma::render-cookie-date *last-poll*)
(defun main ()
(setf hunchentoot:*show-lisp-errors-p* t)
(format t "starting hunchentoot~%")
(let ((acceptor (hunchentoot:start (make-instance 'hunchentoot:easy-acceptor
:port *status-port*))))
(setf *last-poll* (get-universal-time))
(sleep 60))
(hunchentoot:stop acceptor))))