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;; xhtmlgen.lisp
;; This version by for headcraft (
;; Derived from
;; copyright (c) 1986-2000 Franz Inc, Berkeley, CA
;; This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the version 2.1 of
;; the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, as clarified by the AllegroServe
;; prequel found in license-allegroserve.txt.
;; This code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but without any warranty; without even the implied warranty of
;; merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. See the GNU
;; Lesser General Public License for more details.
;; Version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License is in the file
;; license-lgpl.txt that was distributed with this file.
;; If it is not present, you can access it from
;; (until superseded by a newer
;; version) or write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place,
;; Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
(in-package :xhtml-generator)
(defvar *html-sink*)
;; html generation
(defstruct (html-process (:type list)
(:constructor make-html-process (key macro special)))
key ; keyword naming this tag
macro ; the macro to define this
special ; if true then call this to process the keyword and return
; the macroexpansion
(defparameter *html-process-table*
(make-hash-table :test #'equal) ; #'eq is accurate but want to avoid rehashes
(defmacro html (&rest forms &environment env)
;; just emit html to the current stream
(let ((body (gensym)))
`(labels ((,body ()
,(process-html-forms forms env)))
(if (boundp '*html-sink*)
(let ((*html-sink* (cxml:make-character-stream-sink *standard-output* :canonical nil)))
(sax:end-document *html-sink*))))))
(defmacro html-stream (stream &rest forms &environment env)
`(let ((*html-sink* (cxml:make-character-stream-sink ,stream :canonical nil)))
,(process-html-forms forms env)
(sax:end-document *html-sink*)))
(defmacro with-xhtml ((&optional stream &key (indentation 3 indentation-given)) &body body)
(declare (ignore indentation))
(when indentation-given
(warn "WITH-XHTML: indentation argument is deprecated. It will be ignored"))
`(let ((*html-sink* (cxml:make-character-stream-sink ,stream :canonical nil)))
(sax:start-document *html-sink*)
(sax:start-dtd *html-sink*
"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
(sax:end-dtd *html-sink*)
(sax:end-document *html-sink*))))
(defun get-process (form)
(let ((ent (gethash form *html-process-table*)))
(unless ent
(error "unknown html keyword ~s" form))
(defun process-html-forms (forms env)
(let (res)
(flet ((do-ent (ent args argsp body)
;; ent is an html-process object associated with the
;; html tag we're processing
;; args is the list of values after the tag in the form
;; ((:tag &rest args) ....)
;; argsp is true if this isn't a singleton tag (i.e. it has
;; a body) .. (:tag ...) or ((:tag ...) ...)
;; body is the body if any of the form
(let ((special (html-process-special ent)))
(push (if special
(funcall special ent args argsp body)
`(,(html-process-macro ent)
,(process-html-forms body env)))
(do* ((xforms forms (cdr xforms))
(form (car xforms) (car xforms)))
((null xforms))
(setq form (macroexpand form env))
(if (atom form)
(typecase form
(keyword (do-ent (get-process form) nil nil nil))
(string (push `(sax:characters *html-sink* ,form) res))
(t (push form res)))
(let ((first (car form)))
((keywordp first)
;; (:xxx . body) form
(do-ent (get-process (car form)) nil t (cdr form)))
((and (consp first) (keywordp (car first)))
;; ((:xxx args ) . body)
(do-ent (get-process (caar form)) (cdr first) t (cdr form)))
(push form res)))))))
`(progn ,@(nreverse res))))
(defun html-body-key-form (string-code args body &key self-close-if-empty-p)
(unless (evenp (length args))
(error "attribute list ~S isn't even" args))
`(let ((.tagname. ,string-code))
(sax:start-element *html-sink* nil nil .tagname.
for (name value) on args by #'cddr
:qname ,(etypecase name
; fixme: all attribute names converted to lower case, this won't work
; all the time.
(symbol (string-downcase (symbol-name name)))
(string name))
:value (format nil "~A" ,value)
:specified-p t))))
,@(unless self-close-if-empty-p
`((cxml::maybe-close-tag *html-sink*)))
(sax:end-element *html-sink* nil nil .tagname.)))
(defun emit-without-quoting (str)
;; das ist fuer WPDISPLAY
(cxml::maybe-close-tag *html-sink*)
(cxml::sink-write-rod str *html-sink*))
(defun princ-http (val)
(warn "use of deprecated :PRINC (use :PRINC-SAFE instead?)")
(emit-without-quoting (princ-to-string val)))
(defun prin1-http (val)
(warn "use of deprecated :PRIN1 (use :PRIN1-SAFE instead?)")
(emit-without-quoting (prin1-to-string val)))
(defun princ-safe-http (val)
(sax:characters *html-sink* (princ-to-string val)))
(defun prin1-safe-http (val)
(sax:characters *html-sink* (prin1-to-string val)))
;; -- defining how html tags are handled. --
;; most tags are handled in a standard way and the def-std-html
;; macro is used to define such tags
;; Some tags need special treatment and def-special-html defines
;; how these are handled. The tags requiring special treatment
;; are the pseudo tags we added to control operations
;; in the html generator.
;; tags can be found in three ways:
;; :br - singleton, no attributes, no body
;; (:b "foo") - no attributes but with a body
;; ((:a href="foo") "balh") - attributes and body
(defmacro def-special-html (kwd fcn)
;; kwd - the tag we're defining behavior for.
;; fcn - function to compute the macroexpansion of a use of this
;; tag. args to fcn are:
;; ent - html-process object holding info on this tag
;; args - list of attribute-values following tag
;; argsp - true if there is a body in this use of the tag
;; body - list of body forms.
`(setf (gethash ,kwd *html-process-table*)
(make-html-process ,kwd nil ,fcn)))
(def-special-html :newline
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp))
(when body
(error "can't have a body with :newline -- body is ~s" body))
(emit-without-quoting (string #\newline))))
(def-special-html :princ
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp))
`(progn ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (bod)
`(princ-http ,bod))
(def-special-html :princ-safe
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp))
`(progn ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (bod)
`(princ-safe-http ,bod))
(def-special-html :prin1
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp))
`(progn ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (bod)
`(prin1-http ,bod))
(def-special-html :prin1-safe
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp))
`(progn ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (bod)
`(prin1-safe-http ,bod))
(def-special-html :format
;; example:
;; (html (:p (:format "hi ~A!" "paul")))
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp))
`(princ-http (format nil ,@body))))
(def-special-html :format-safe
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp))
`(princ-safe-http (format nil ,@body))))
(def-special-html :comment
#'(lambda (ent args argsp body)
(declare (ignore ent args argsp body))
`(warn ":COMMENT in html macro not supported yet")))
(defmacro def-std-html (kwd &key (self-close-if-empty-p t))
(let ((mac-name (intern (format nil "~a-~a" :with-html kwd)))
(string-code (string-downcase (string kwd))))
`(progn (setf (gethash ,kwd *html-process-table*)
(make-html-process ,kwd ',mac-name nil))
(defmacro ,mac-name (args &rest body)
(html-body-key-form ,string-code args body :self-close-if-empty-p ,self-close-if-empty-p)))))
(def-std-html :a)
(def-std-html :abbr)
(def-std-html :acronym)
(def-std-html :address)
(def-std-html :applet)
(def-std-html :area)
(def-std-html :b)
(def-std-html :base)
(def-std-html :basefont)
(def-std-html :bdo)
(def-std-html :bgsound)
(def-std-html :big)
(def-std-html :blink)
(def-std-html :blockquote)
(def-std-html :body)
(def-std-html :br)
(def-std-html :button)
(def-std-html :caption)
(def-std-html :center)
(def-std-html :cite)
(def-std-html :code)
(def-std-html :col)
(def-std-html :colgroup)
(def-std-html :dd)
(def-std-html :del)
(def-std-html :dfn)
(def-std-html :dir)
(def-std-html :div)
(def-std-html :dl)
(def-std-html :dt)
(def-std-html :em)
(def-std-html :embed)
(def-std-html :fieldset)
(def-std-html :font)
(def-std-html :form)
(def-std-html :frame)
(def-std-html :frameset)
(def-std-html :h1)
(def-std-html :h2)
(def-std-html :h3)
(def-std-html :h4)
(def-std-html :h5)
(def-std-html :h6)
(def-std-html :head)
(def-std-html :hr)
(def-std-html :html)
(def-std-html :i)
(def-std-html :iframe)
(def-std-html :ilayer)
(def-std-html :img)
(def-std-html :input)
(def-std-html :ins)
(def-std-html :isindex)
(def-std-html :kbd)
(def-std-html :keygen)
(def-std-html :label)
(def-std-html :layer)
(def-std-html :legend)
(def-std-html :li)
(def-std-html :link)
(def-std-html :listing)
(def-std-html :map)
(def-std-html :marquee)
(def-std-html :menu)
(def-std-html :meta)
(def-std-html :multicol)
(def-std-html :nobr)
(def-std-html :noembed)
(def-std-html :noframes)
(def-std-html :noscript)
(def-std-html :object)
(def-std-html :ol)
(def-std-html :optgroup)
(def-std-html :option)
(def-std-html :p)
(def-std-html :param)
(def-std-html :plaintext)
(def-std-html :pre)
(def-std-html :q)
(def-std-html :s)
(def-std-html :samp)
(def-std-html :script :self-close-if-empty-p nil)
(def-std-html :select)
(def-std-html :server)
(def-std-html :small)
(def-std-html :spacer)
(def-std-html :span)
(def-std-html :strike)
(def-std-html :strong)
(def-std-html :style)
(def-std-html :sub)
(def-std-html :sup)
(def-std-html :table)
(def-std-html :tbody)
(def-std-html :td)
(def-std-html :textarea :self-close-if-empty-p nil)
(def-std-html :tfoot)
(def-std-html :th)
(def-std-html :thead)
(def-std-html :title)
(def-std-html :tr)
(def-std-html :tt)
(def-std-html :u)
(def-std-html :ul)
(def-std-html :var)
(def-std-html :wbr)
(def-std-html :xmp)
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