Simple webapp for a wifi garage door opener
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This provides a simple garage door opener web interface.
It has no security beyond whatever your wifi offers.
It does exactly what it has to and no more!

# How to use this

1. Check out this git repository in `/root/garagetron` on your CHIP or whatever Linux device.
2. Configure it, either with `cp`, or by making a custom config.
3. Figure out the IP address of the device.
4. Run `python`.
5. Open "http://ipaddress/garage" in a browser, and click the button!

# To automatically start the script on boot:

1. Copy the systemd service file to /etc/systemd/system/garagedoor.service
2. Run `systemctl enable garagedoor.service`

# Updating the config file

The config file lets you specify which GPIO pins correspond to switches.
The `` config uses all of the options! You're limited to as
many switches as you have GPIOs.

The "poweron outputs" are used in case you have an enable line. Once the garage
script has loaded and configured all the normal outputs, it'll set the poweron
outputs to whatever you've set.

For example, on a CHIP, pin 408 is the garage door, 409 is the light, and 410 is the enable line.