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A NetBeans IDE plugin which provide basic support for the Apache Click framework
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#What is it?#

click4nb is a NetBeans IDE plugin which provide basic support for Apache Click Framework.

#Getting Started#

  1. Installation
  2. Getting Started with Apache Click and NetBeans IDE

#Current Features#

  1. Wizard for creating new java web project with Click framework support.
  2. Wizard for creating new page class and template file.
  3. Content assistant for click.xml and menu.xml file(include code completion, hyperlink, refactoring, etc).
  4. Switch action between Page class and Page template file.
  5. Integration configuration with Spring framework and others.

#Features in plan#

  1. Integrate Cayenne Modeler into NetBeans IDE like ClickIDE(eclipse plugin for Click framework).
  2. Intergration configuration with Cayenne ORM framework.
  3. A simple tutorial for basic usage of this plugin.
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