lua protocol : simple protocol by lua table
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lproto is short names of Lua Protocol, It's a protocol pack library, the protocol definition by Lua Table syntax(some limits).

lproto 是 Lua Protocol的简写,是一个协议打包库,协议定义格式使用Lua Table格式(有所限制)。

Source in here:

Support Data Types

  • table (the key must be string)
  • integer (support 64 bits)
  • float (pack using string)
  • string
  • array (the element must the same type)

Test data

  • CPU : i5-5620 @2.4GHz
  • OS : CentOS 6.3
  • encode 1M times : 1.67 s
  • decode 1M times : 3.06 s
  • size : 64 bytes

Support system

  • Only linux now
  • support lua5.1 lua5.2.3 lua5.3.0
  • I think it's simple to support others systems, you can try it.

Compile and test

$ make
$ lua test/test-all-lproto.lua