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OpenStreetMap shortcode for hugo

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Getting started

Run from the root of your Hugo site:

$ git clone themes/osm

Alternatively you can include this repository as a git submodule. This makes it easier to update this theme if you have your Hugo site in git as well. For this you need to run:

$ git submodule add themes/osm

Now you just have to add this theme component to your themes in config.toml, e.g. theme = ["osm", "base-theme"]. See the Hugo documentation for more infos.

Creating and including a map

First create a map for free on Then include this map by using the openstreetmap shortcode, e.g. {{< openstreetmap mapName="demo-map_1" >}}


The only required parameter is mapName. All other parameters are completely optional.

Available parameter are:

  • coordX (default auto)
  • coordY (default auto)
  • scale (default auto)
  • scaleControl (default true)
  • miniMap (default false)
  • scrollWheelZoom (default true)
  • zoomControl (default true)
  • allowEdit (default false)
  • moreControl (default true)
  • searchControl (default true)
  • tilelayersControl (default null)
  • embedControl (default null)
  • datalayersControl (default true)
  • onLoadPanel (default none)
  • captionBar (default true)
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