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What's jOOQ
jOOQ stands for Java Object Oriented Querying. It combines these essential features:
* Code Generation:
jOOQ generates a simple Java representation of your database schema. Every table, view, stored procedure, enum, UDT is a class.
* Active records:
jOOQ implements an easy-to-use active record pattern. It is NOT an OR-mapper, but provides a 1:1 mapping between tables/views and classes. Between columns and members.
* Typesafe SQL:
jOOQ allows for writing compile-time typesafe querying using its built-in DSL.
* SQL standard:
jOOQ supports all standard SQL language features including the more complex UNION's, nested SELECTs, joins, aliasing
* Vendor-specific feature support:
jOOQ encourages the use of vendor-specific extensions such as stored procedures, UDT's and ARRAY's, recursive queries, and many more.
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