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1 parent 3bfb15b commit 5ce7bd33417f0ad2c696a2df6800bf8ec0b4678c @hanzhixing committed Jan 3, 2013
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@@ -75,20 +75,11 @@ else
colorscheme default
-<<<<<<< HEAD:vimrc
-" Highlight where it is over line limit
-" this 4 lines must be located after 'syntax on', 'guifont', 'colorschem'
-highlight OverLineLimit81 ctermbg=darkred ctermfg=white guibg=#444444
-highlight OverLineLimit121 ctermbg=darkred ctermfg=white guibg=#888888
-match OverLineLimit81 /\%81v.*/
-match OverLineLimit121 /\%121v.*/
" Highlight where it is over 79 columns
" This 2 lines must be loaded after 'syntax on', 'guifont', 'colorschem',
" or these settings will overwrite the setting you want.
highlight OverLength ctermbg=darkred ctermfg=white guibg=#666666
match OverLength /\%79v.*/
->>>>>>> eaf175b66b720e091aab8f90966730dc9a7843f0:vimrc.without_plugins
" Set the default size of the window
" if has("win32")

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