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Game designed in XWindow
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Game: XLander


1. Install the Xlib if you don't have.

2. Open a terminal and change directory to the game directory.

3. Type command "make run" to compile and run the game.

How to Play:

1. Use arrow keys to contral the direction of the ship.

2. Press Q at any time can quit the game.

3. Press Space to pause the game.

4. Initial fuel is 950. Each crash will make you lose 100 fuel and you may be able to press SPACE to continue the game with new terrains and pads with your current score and fuel. When the fuel becomes 0, you will lose control of the ship and the game is over after crash, then you will know the score and press SPACE to start a new game. Further more the left fuel is displayed like a HP bar on he top of the ship.

5. The status of the ship's fuel, vertical speed, horizontal speed and your score are displayed at the right corner of the window.

6. When the ship reaches the left and right bound the ship will drift to the other end like the scene is a circle, when it reaches the upper bound it will reflect withe the same speed.

7. You can resize the window at any time and switch between too large and too small at any time.

8. Every time you press the arrow key to control the ship, you will see the thruster's fre animation.

9. Important!!! There are several meteors moving across the sky which may crash the ship. The number, moving speed and moving direction of the meteors are based on the level you selected. What's more, the landing score increases as the level increases:
Level 1: 2 meteors, move slowly and fixed direction. 50 landing score.
Level 2: 2 meteors, move slowly and random direction. 70 landing score.
Level 3: 3 meteors, move normally and fixed direction. 100 landing score.
Level 4: 3 meteors, move quickly and random direction. 150 landing score.
Level 5: 3 meteors, move with extremely fast speed and random direction. 200 landing score.

10. You should use the number key 1 - 5 to change to the level.

Enjoy your game! Thank you!
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