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这是一个将本地的HA控制网页反向代理到公网, 这样公网就可以轻松访问到HA控制台页面, 并控制家里已经连上HA的硬件. 基于安全方面的考虑, 该组件需要经过Google, GitHub或微信小程序的授权才能正常使用.

由于Home Assistant运行于局域网下, 想要通过外网远程访问HA, 首先HA部署环境所在网络下的路由器支持端口映射(port mapping), 映射后在公网通过ip:port直接访问,同时为了方便访问还需要一个ddns服务来把wan ip和动态域名绑定。但是由于网络供应商的网络环境复杂性, 以及用户自身内网环境复杂性, 很难系统性地总结一套通用有效的方法来实现. 上述技术实施起来比较繁琐, 对普通用户来说门槛较高, 本组件旨在简化用户进行远程访问本地HA控制网络.



curl --silent --show-error --retry 5 https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haoctopus/molohub/master/auto_install.py | sudo python

等待提示安装成功后手动重启Home Assistant即可。




  • homeassistant配置目录在哪?

Windows用户: %APPDATA%\.homeassistant

Linux-based用户: 可以通过执行locate .homeassistant/configuration.yaml命令,查找到的.homeassistant文件夹就是配置目录。

群晖Docker用户: 进入Docker - 映像 - homeassistant - 高级设置 - 卷, /config对应的路径就是配置目录



  dismissable: true  # 默认状态下忽略按钮不可用,添加此行来激活忽略按钮.


如果你需要绑定多个molohub, 与家人一起控制HA, 可以通过以下步骤实现molohub多开:

  1. 进入到homeassistant配置目录的custom_components文件夹
  2. 复制粘贴molohub文件取名为molohub0
  3. 修改homeassistant配置目录下的configuration.yaml, 添加如下一行代码
  1. 手动重启Home Assistant, 完成. 同理可以添加任意多个molohub.











Email: octopus201806@gmail.com

QQ群: 598514359

【Description in English】


This is a component forwards the local HA control web page to the public network, so that the public network can be easily accessed, and interact with the hardwares at home that has connected to the HA. For security reasons, this component needs to be authorized by Google, GitHub or Wechat Mini Program to work properly.

when Home Assistant runs under the LAN, if you want to access the HA remotely through the WAN, the router under the network where the HA deployed must supports port mapping , and will be directly accessible on the public network after mapping. also generally ddns is also needed to solve ip change problem. But due to the network provider's The complexity of the network environment, and the complexity of the user's own internet environment, it is difficult to systematically summarize a set of general and effective methods to achieve the target. The above technology is more complicated to implement, and the threshold for ordinary users is higher. This project aims to simplify users to remotely access the local HA control network.

【One-key install】

If you are Linux-based user, run the command below to install molohub automatically:

curl --silent --show-error --retry 5 https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haoctopus/molohub/master/auto_install.py | sudo python

Wait untill installation success, and restart your Home Assistant.

If this not working, please install molohub manually according to the next section. For Windows user with curl component, remove sudo in command and run it in cmd.


Download molohub folder and put it under homeassistant configuration directory/custom_components/. If custom_components doesn't exist, create one.

  • Where is homeassistant configuration directory?

Windows user: %APPDATA%\.homeassistant

Linux-based user: Run command line locate .homeassistant/configuration.yaml. The .homeassistant folder in the returning result is the configuration directory.

Synology NAS Docker user: Go to Docker - Images - Homeassistant - Advanced settings - Volumes, the path corresponding to /config is the configuration directory.



  dismissable: true  # Dismiss button is disable by default, add this line to enable.


If you need to bind multiple molohubs to control HA with your family, you can open more molohub by following the steps below:

  1. goto homeassistant configuration directory's custom_components folder
  2. copy paste molohub folder named molohub0
  3. modify homeassistant configuration file configuration.yaml, add a line as below:
  1. manully restart Home Assistant, done. You can add as more as you want by using this method

【Reference link】

Platform entrance link:https://www.molo.cn

molohub component:https://github.com/haoctopus/molohub






【Contact us】

Please contact us if you have any questions about installation and using molohub. We will respond as soon as we see the feedback.

Email: octopus201806@gmail.com

QQGroup: 598514359