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Merge pull request #3929 from pagongamedev/patch-1

change `state` to `payload` in Payload processing
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hueniverse committed Mar 1, 2019
2 parents 4519f9c + 563ac31 commit ea5a4db1c773cf52643888dc347fa1c348254d5c
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@@ -3777,7 +3777,7 @@ the same. The following is the complete list of steps a request can go through:
- based on the route [`auth`](#route.options.auth) option.

- _**Payload processing**_
- based on the route [`state`](#route.options.payload) option.
- based on the route [`payload`](#route.options.payload) option.
- error handling based on [`failAction`](#route.options.payload.failAction).

- _**Payload authentication**_

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