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A hapi cookie jar
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A hapi cookie jar

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The yar plugin adds a simple was to set a persistant state (using an Iron encrypted cookie) across requests. It is not designed for session management but to supplement an active session with transactional information.

For example, the first handler sets the jar content and the second utilizes it:

var handler1 = function () {

    this.plugins.yar = {
        key: 'value'

    return this.reply();

var handler2 = function () {

    this.reply(this.state.yar.key);     // Will send back 'value'

The plugin requires a password for encryption, and the ext permission:

var options = {
    permissions: {
        ext: true                   // Required
    plugin: {
        name: 'yar' ,               // Optional, overrides cookie name. Defaults to 'yar'. Doesn't affect 'plugins.yar'.
        isSingleUse: false,         // Optional, clears jar after one request. Defaults to false.
        options: {
            password: 'password',   // Required
            isSecure: true          // Optional, any supported cookie options except `encoding`

var server = new Hapi.Server();

server.plugin().require('yar', options, function (err) { });
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