The hapi utility toy chest
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The hapi utility toy chest

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Lead Maintainer - Devin Ivy


See also the API Reference

Toys is a collection of utilities made to reduce common boilerplate in hapi v17+ projects, aid usage of events and streams in async functions (e.g. handlers and server methods), and provide versions of widely-used utilities from Hoek optimized to perform well in hot code paths such as route handlers.

Below is an example featuring Toys.auth.strategy(), Toys.reacher(), and Toys.withRouteDefaults(). The API Reference is also filled with examples.

const Hapi = require('hapi');
const Boom = require('boom');
const Toys = require('toys');

(async () => {

    const server = Hapi.server();

    // Make a one-off auth strategy for testing
    Toys.auth.strategy(server, 'name-from-param', (request, h) => {

        // Yes, perhaps not the most secure
        const { username } = request.params;

        if (!username) {
            throw Boom.unauthorized(null, 'Custom');

        return h.authenticated({ credentials: { user: { name: username } } });

    // Make function to efficiently index into a request to grab an authed user's name
    const grabAuthedUsername = Toys.reacher('');

    // Default all route methods to "get", unless otherwise specified
    const defaultToGet = Toys.withRouteDefaults({ method: 'get' });

                method: 'post',
                path: '/',
                handler: (request) => {

                    return { posted: true };
            {   // Look ma, my method is defaulting to "get"!
                path: '/as/{username}',
                options: {
                    auth: 'name-from-param', // Here's our simple auth strategy
                    handler: (request) => {

                        // grabAuthedUsername() is designed to be quick
                        const username = grabAuthedUsername(request);

                        return { username };

    await server.start();

    console.log(`Now, go forth and ${}/as/your-name`);