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Haplo Documentation

Documentation for the Haplo Platform

Editing the documentation

To set up:

  • install jruby, make sure it's in your PATH
  • run jgem install RedCloth -v 4.2.9
  • check out the main Haplo repository at the same level as this repository

To preview your changes:

  • run script/doc-tool
  • visit localhost:8899 in your browser.

Adding new files requires a restart, but otherwise click refresh to view your changes.

Before committing your changes, check all the files with:

script/doc-tool check

This ensures that all the documentation can be generated, in particular, that all the links point to a valid destination.


Haplo Documentation is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for full details.


Haplo Documentation is copyright Haplo Services Ltd. See the COPYRIGHT file for full details.