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Haplo Plugin Tool

The Haplo Plugin Tool helps developers to write and deploy plugins for the Haplo Platform.

For more information please see the main Haplo web site and the Plugin Tool documentation.

Get dependencies

Run the script.

Run the with the location of a Haplo platform checkout as the first argument. You will need a Java 8 javac on your PATH.

Run from checkout

jruby bin/haplo-plugin <arguments>

The Plugin Tool requires JRuby so it can use some Java libraries.

Release as gem

Run jruby make_distribution.rb and publish the resulting gem. Note you must use JRuby.

Copyright and License

Haplo Plugin Tool is copyright Haplo Services Ltd. See the COPYRIGHT file for full details.

Haplo Plugin Tool is licensed under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for full details.

Distributions contain a copy of the Rhino JavaScript Interpreter, licensed under the Mozilla Public License.

This repository and distributions contain a copy of JSHint, licensed under a modified MIT license that prohibits use for Evil. See lib/jshint.js for details.

This repository and distributions contain a copy of UglifyJS, licensed under the BSD license.