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Fidel's dotfiles

This is my personal set up of configuration files. I use Debian GNU/Linux so they are particularly tailored for this OS.

Feel free to fork the project and adapt it to your needs, or just to copy whatever you like. Use at your own risk!

Any ideas or suggestions? I would love to hear about them, I'm always up for improving my setup.

Installation with git

$ cd; git clone
$ source dotfiles/ currently depends on rsync.

Installation without git

This will download and unpack the latest version of the dotfiles, overwriting existing files in the home directory!

$ cd; curl -#L | tar -xzv --strip-components 1 --exclude={,,LICENSE}

Thanks and inspiration

  • I based the repo and the README on Mathias Bynens' dotfiles, and I also copied many a useful thing from his files, so thanks to him and to people on his thanks list.