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Randomizeitor is a simple GNOME wallpaper randomizer created by Fidel Ramos (aka haplo) because, shockingly, there wasn't anything up to the task already. Sure, there were some scripts here and there, but I wanted more control.

I was inspired by a script by Kevin Bridges: http://kevinbridges.org/node/60

Randomizeitor is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 (see COPYING).

Go to http://github.com/haplo/randomizeitor for the latest version.


Just run the script passing the path to the directory with the wallpapers, for example:

python randomizeitor.py ~/wallpapers/

or if randomizeitor.py is executable:

./randomizeitor.py ~/wallpapers/

Randomizeitor will filter the files to select only images. Also, randomizeitor writes a .randomizeitor hidden file in the wallpaper dir to remember which wallpapers have already been picked, to avoid repetitions.

The best way to set up a periodic random wallpaper change is to edit your crontab with crontab -e and then putting something like:

*/5 * * * * bash -c "DISPLAY=:0.0 /(...)/randomizeitor.py /(...)/wallpapers/"

This will trigger a random wallpaper change every 5 minutes. DISPLAY=:0.0 is required because cron doesn't have information about your X session. The value of DISPLAY may vary if you are not in the first graphical session in the machine.

If you only want a wallpaper change at GNOME start you can set it up at System->Preferences->Startup Programs.


  • Python 2.5 (it may or may not work in 2.4, but it's untested)
  • python-gconf

Future features

In no particular order:

  • Allow for recursive search of files.
  • Allow for different wallpapers if there are multiple screens.
  • Config file.
  • Create a GNOME applet.
  • Useful GUI.