Live charts and statistics for Elasticsearch cluster.
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Live charts and statistics for Elasticsearch cluster.

Bigdesk Elasticsearch
master 0.90.0 → 1.0.x
2.2.0 0.90.0 → 0.90.x
2.1.0 0.20.0 → 0.20.x
2.0.0 0.19.0 → 0.20.x
1.0.0 0.17.0 → 0.18.x

Release Notes

2.2.0 (24-04-2013)


  • Added threadpool row to the metrics for Elasticsearch 0.20.0 and higher (kudos to @jgagnon1)


  • Complete reimplementation (based on backbone and underscore)
  • Switched to D3.js (mainly due to friendly License)


  • Initial version (jQuery and Highcharts)


In order to install the plugin, simply run: bin/plugin -install lukas-vlcek/bigdesk for master version.

To get specific version of Bigdesk use: bin/plugin -install lukas-vlcek/bigdesk/2.2.0

For example, if you are running ES node on localhost:9200 then you can navigate your browser to http://localhost:9200/_plugin/bigdesk/ and Bigdesk will auto connect to existing node.

You can also checkout Bigdesk into your local harddrive (or download and extract zip from github) and simply use it by opening index.html in your favorite web browser.

How to use Bigdesk

Once you open Bigdesk in your web broswer, you need to point it to the Elasticsearch node REST endpoint. For example if you run Elasticsearch locally the REST endpoint would be http://localhost:9200/ by default. In Bigdesk master you can simply specify any endpoint URL in the text field on top of the screen. If you are using Bigdesk 1.0.0 (ie. you want to connect Bigdesk to elasticearch 0.17.x – 0.18.x) then you need to fill into two different text fields. First you specify hostname of the Elasticsearch node into the first text field and its port number into the second text field (but in some situations this can be limiting, for example if you run Elasticsearch behind firewall).

Then you hit Connect button (it is called GO! button in Bigdesk 1.0.0) and that’s it.

Now you should see cluster name and list of its nodes. You can switch between nodes in the cluster, new nodes are added and old nodes are removed automatically on the fly.

You can change the Bigdesk refresh interval and amount of data that is displayed by charts.

URL parameters

If you are using Bigdesk 1.0.0 you can immediately connect to a particular host, add the host, port, and go parameters to the query string: index.html?

If you are using Bigdesk master you can use any of the following URL parameters to immediately connect to a particular host or set history or refresh interval:

  • endpoint = URL of ES node REST endpoint (you might want to use URL encoded value). Defaults to http://localhost:9200.
  • refresh = refresh interval in milliseconds. Defaults to 2000 (2 sec).
  • history = number of milliseconds to keep in history. Defaults to 300000 (5 min).
  • connect = if set to true Bigdesk will try to connect immediately to the endpoint. Defaults to false.

Example connecting to with 3 sec refresh interval:



Bigdesk 1.0.0

Bigdesk 2.0.0

Supported web browsers

Bigdesk should work in all modern web browsers as long as they support SVG. It has been tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


Lukas Vlcek and contributors.