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A Pywikibot script to generate reports of thankers and thankees on wikis
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pwb-thanks-reports: A Pywikibot thanks report script

This repository contains a Pywikibot script (/scripts/ that can be used to generate reports on the givers and recipients of thanking actions on a particular wiki. You can generate reports by month, selecting a minumum number of actions for each user to be included in the report.

The script takes three custom arguments, in addition to the standard Pywikibot arguments for selecting a wiki:

  • year and month: Used together to select a month for which to generate reports. Defaults to the current month.
  • minimum: The minumum number of actions required for inclusion in the tables. Defaults to 1.

The tables contain three columns: a numerical index (tied users have the same number), a link to that user's CentralAuth page, and the number of associated actions for that user.

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