Use Flite Text-to-Speech Synthesizer from Go
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Access the Flite Speech Synthesizer from Go!


import ""

See Example application at

Build / Install

GoFlite depends upon the CMU Flite speech synthesis engine ( ). Running "make depflite" in the source directory will download all dependencies.

After than, "go build" or "go install" will build the library properly.

Alternatively, you could just run "make" to download dependencies, build and test goflite.


func TextToWave(text, voicename string) (*Wave, error)
   Run Text to Speech on a given text with a selected voice and return Wave
   data. If voicename is empty, a default voice will be used for the speech
func (w *Wave) DumpRIFF(out io.Writer) (err error)
   Write out complete RIFF waveform, with headers
func (w *Wave) Duration() float32
   Get the Duration of Waveform in Seconds
func AddVoice(name, path string) error
   If you have built flite voices and have the flitevox files generated,
   use this function to add them to goflite. Provide a name to the voice
   being added and a path to the location of the flitevox file. Prefer
   absolute pathname.