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Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.8.1~+alpha1
Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.8pre1
* completed the port of RichTextArea, added an example RichTextToolbar,
and added a port of gwt-selection which can be used to highlight
links, add span styles around blocks etc. unsurprisingly an additional
example named "richtext" has been added.
* modified DisclosurePanel and Tree widgets to allow use of
alternative sets of images. Issue #715. (Phil Charlesworth)
* added Gradient and Text support to GWTCanvas IE implementation,
thanks to Bob Hamilton
* added script for processing-1.3.6.js to enable
canvasprocessing example to be compiled - solves Issue #694
* updated and its browser overrides to bring it in
conformance with GWT - solves Issue #537. Phil Charlesworth
* added server-side jsonrpc cherrypy helper, thanks to Rene Maurer
* use new platform override scheme {module}.{platformname}.py so that
platform override files live in the same subdirectory as the actual
file it's overriding
* moved to (in standard modules) because it is
effectively identical, and confusing to try to indicate that
is somehow different or "special".
* DateField - show Calendar for typed-in month, not always current,
By Maho (Łukasz Mach)
* pyjs/src/pyjs/ workaround Issue #677, reverted cwd=pydir
so that compile works on Mac with python in /opt/local
By Michael Yang
* pyjs/src/pyjs/lib/ workaround Issue #658, mods to Template
class so that template strings substitution works.
By Phil Charlesworth
Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.7
* Added simple sys.stdout and sys.stderr objects. The print statement
now uses sys.stdout for printing. You can intercept print statements
by overriding sys.stdout (e.g. for displaying them on the web page).
By Waldemar Kornewald
* Fixed sys.exc_info() to behave more like Python (i.e. returning the
traceback starting from the current context instead of the whole
execution stack). Also includes tb_frame.f_globals, contributed
by Waldemar Kornewald
* Added very basic traceback module with format_traceback() function
which only works when compiling with debug information,
contributed by Waldemar Kornewald
* Added oninput and onpropertychange event support, thanks to Maxim
* Make pyjsbuild call out to using subprocess.Popen,
with a view to adding "build generators" that will create Makefiles,
scons build files etc. pyjsbuild should not be doing the job of make,
and... it's doing the job of make.
* Fix getWidget problem with HTMLTable under pyjd on Windows (mshtml,
fixes Issue 493, contributed by Phil Charlesworth
* Add parsing of XML documents under pyjd on Windows (mshtml),
fixes Issue 481, contributed by Phil Charlesworth
* Add auto-build (file monitoring) option to pyjsbuild, contributed
by Suzan Shakya.
* Add from Sujan Shakya to contrib: depends on java
and google java compressor tool.
* Series of fixes by W Kornewald: #229, #385, #414, #417, #475 and more.
accidental exception catching in debug handling sorted; class creation
uses __class__ on the base (behaves like; added
__delattr__ support; extended tracebacks to include module imports.
* Fix long-standing bug with DialogBox: use an overlay to capture all
mouse events. use same overlay trick in Controls so that slider
capture now works, too.
* Enable asynchronous loading of modules during bootstrap for -m build
flag (pyjs); new controller allows for custom bootsplash/early-user
javascript code; add bootsplash example. by C Anthony Risinger
* Add DOM.createTextNode function, thanks to Jordon Wii
* Fix issue in GWTCanvas Transparency demo, thanks to Alex Tsepkov
* Add infrastructure for registering alternative JS functions for
native javascript inline output, by W Kornewald
* Added example dynamic CSS stylesheet changer, thanks to Stolati
for the CSS changing class.
* Fixes to pyjslib for compatibility with Dean Edwards' JS Packer
( by Angelo Mottola
* Added default style name to MenuBar, by Serge Tarkovski
* Added makeCloseable and centring to DialogBox, by Serge Tarkovski
* Added default style to CaptionPanel, by Serge Tarkovski
* Added log10 to math module
* Added "glass" opaque background option to PopupPanel, by Serge Tarkovski
* Added HTML5 drag-and-drop support (native and emulated), by Jim Washington
* Enable __setattr__ support to object [pyjs], by C Anthony Risinger
* Implement assignment to slices in an assignment list (issue 514),
by Karl Voigtland
* Updates to the Showcase example
Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.6
* Added string zfill function, thanks to Angelo Motolla.
* Added datetime module, thanks to Angelo Motolla.
* Added issubclass, thanks to Daniel Gerber
* Off-by-one bug in datetime on months, fixed by Russell Yanofsky
* Fix for menu highlighting by Pavel Mironchyk
* Add initial port of python logging module
Supports logging.StreamHandler (to log to console with print statement) and
logging.handlers.HTTPHandler (to log to remote webserver)
* Updated JSONRPC to conform JSON-RPC 1.0/1.1/2.0 and to return
JSON-RPC 2.0 error dicts ini onRemeoteError (other errors are
mapped to JSON-RPC 2.0 format)
* Enhanced dict initialization: dict(a=1, b=2)
* Added setFocus function to TextBoxBase to override FocusMixin.setFocus
because FocusMixin assumes that you called Focus.createFocusable to
create the input box.
* Added str.isalpha and str.isupper, thanks to Marcus Brinkmann
* Modified place absolute path in pyjsbuild.bat file to
reference python.exe direct (thanks to Rich Newpol) closes #324
* Added FlowPanel demo from jordanwii showing how you have to use
a span element to Label to get round a CSS IE hack issue
* added DOM.eventStopPropagation which sets cancelBubble in IE/MSHTML
and calls stopPropagation everywhere else
* Added builtin sum() function
* Added builtin zip() function
* Added builtin reduce() function
* Added builtin iter() function
* Added types set and frozenset
* Added builtin reversed() function
* Added fromkeys method to dict
* Added builtin sorted() function
* Optimized 'for x in y' loops
* Output is packable with
* JavaScriptLint checks
* Python 2.6 TranslationError deprecation message fix
* Added support for relative imports
* Added insertItem to Tree, TreeItem and RootTreeItem and demo in
KitchenSink (thanks to Carl Roach)
* Added arguments for instance initialization in jsObjectToPyObject
* Implemented NotImplementedType and NotImplemented
* Implemented an int type and a long type
* Add support for xrange and propper range (range was in fact an xrange)
* Add support for multiple compare (0 < n < 4)
* Add DoubleClickListener mixin
* Add PUT and DELETE into XMLHttpRequest (thanks to Nick <>)
* Added for in tuple
* Added support for locals()
* Added support for slice delete
* Added support of slice assignment
* Added support for IfExp (inline if expression)
* Added support for generator expressions
* Added support for any statement in class definition
* Added support backquote
* Added support for class definition anywhere
* Re-enabled and fixed up, which now successfully runs
LibTest when translated to javascript (and passes 99.95%)
* added support for Subscript Assignment in class definitions:
class SubAssignBase(object):
names['SubAssign'] = 'SubAssign'
* Added support for generators (yield statement)
* Added an substantial portion of re module
* added isReadOnly and getReadOnly functions to FocusMixin, such that
FocusPanel and FocusWidget both get that functionality (thanks to
guenter walser)
* Added --operator-funcs to enable non-number operation such as [1]+[2]
* Added --inline-code to speedup eq/bool/len (saves expensive function calls)
* All attributes are accessed as v['attr'] and not as v.attr anymore
This circumvents a bug in IE with javascript keywords:
(v.super is not allowed, but v['super'] is)
* Added __cmp__ to dict class
* Make compile options effective in runtime options
* Added --keep-lib-files option
* Added --dynamic option
* Added dynamic loading of modules
* Added builtin __import__ (only supports the first parameter)
* make public subdirectory configurable at build time (thanks to Mathias Waack)
* Add rfind to string (and tests)
* Added new "Handler" classes MouseHandler, ClickHandler, KeyboardHandler
and FocusHandler, which need only be "mixed in" to a Widget in order
to get event handling.
* fixed floating point precision in sprintf, now '%.2f' works
* Added basic implemention of new style decorators and 2.6 style property()
* Added first port of GChart - converted, then manual update. Passes syntax check
but that's about it...
* Added property()
* Added staticmethod()
* Added __pyjamas__.setCompilerOptions()
* Added descriptors (enables old style decorators)
* Added del cls.attr
* More checks in list methods
* Javascript keywords are possible/allowed as attibutes/modules
* All builtins can be overridden
* Added support for *args/**kwargs for lambda
* Added support mutable default in functions
* Added keyword args to list.sort (thanks to Beni Cherniavsky)
* Fixed toggle example and button handling #236
Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.5p1
* Resolved getAbsoluteTop and getAbsoluteLeft in pyjd hulahop, pyjd
pywebkitgtk, Safari, Mozilla (including 3.5), webkit but NOT IE6
and NOT pyjd MSHTML.
* Added jsimport example (direct from kees's commit message :)
* Added __pyjamas__.jsimport(path, mode, location)
* remove dependency of pywin32 in pyjd MSHTML port.
* improved event handling of pyjd MSHTML port.
* Added platform overrides system... to pyjd! MSHTML, hulahop and pywebkitgtk
can now have their own platform-specific overrides.
* Added debugger() to __pyjamas__
* Added javascript inclusion via --include-static-js and __pyjamas__.include()
* Added dict pop and popitem, thanks to Beni Cherniavsky
* Added build option --bootstrap-file and a bootstrap_progress.js
* Discarded strings are not getting translated anymore
* Added --downloads-(yes/no) to and employeeadmin/
* Added experimental support for MSHTML as a Pyjamas Desktop engine
* Added lightout example from Radoslav Kirov
* Added if and nested for to list comprehension
* Added base64 module (not encode/decode file)
* Added binascii module
* Added struct module (not pack_into/unpack_from)
* Added basic support for list comprehension (no ifs/multiple for)
* Added builtin import test, which will fail if the import code
gets too smart
* The -d option now sets:
* Bugfix for soure tracking/debugging
* BUGFIX: the --no-print-statements option was not honored in browser
* fixed urllib quote TODO: need real implementation of quote
* removed deprecated from root of pyjs
* we now do not need to override pyjamas.Window fully anymore, so use
base implementation, which now does not import gtk anymore. moved
pyjamas/__pyjamas__ to /__pyjamas__ again.
* Added beginnings of urllib (quote, urlencode) thanks to Ondrej Certik
* Fixed speed issue #199! was related to accidental inclusion of,
which accidentally pulled in, and much more.
Thank you to dobee and jukart for identifying the source of the problem.
* fixed Window listener. Added tests for those
* moved pyjamas.__pyjamas__ to __pyjamas__, this way the translator
now removes any import from __pyjamas__ this module is not existent
in javascript, only in python. if there is a requirement to a
function in __pyjamas__ in javascript, it does not belong there.
* added flag handling to overrides for translator, see
translator.txt. it is now possible to override a whole
* fixed pyjamas.Window.getClientWidth/Height on IE. removed
conditionals from __browser__ implementation in those functions.
* prevent usage of builtin names in pyjslib, this causes javascript
errors at least in javascript lint. int and float are now int_
float_ in javascript. for python code nothing should change.
* re-added the --cache-buster option, which now also works along with
--multi-file. both options are now enabled in libtest build.
* fixed a bug in linker which caused js_libs to be duplicated when
called twice in a process. this only affects tests, not console
* added --multi-file option to browser linker to generate script tags
instead of including the whole code in one file. now it is possible
to really work with firebug because of the small files. added this
option to of libtest by default.
* fixed browser linker which didn't take js_includes into account
* use python's standard logging module for displaying messages in the
linker. The browser linker now takes a -l option for specifying the
python log level. e.g -l 0 displays all log messages
* created a new parent platform called "array_extras" which is used
for "sm", "mozilla", "opera" and "safari" in order to use things
like Array.indexOf on all browser that suppport the array extras.
* raise a TranslationError if a reserved word is used for a module
name, this would cause unpredictable results in running code, which
is very hard to debug.
* fixed __contains__ on Tuples in mozilla and added TupleTest to LibTest
* fixed the "!=" operator, it now uses pyjslib.eq
* Yi Choong contributed a DateField widget, and example - thank you!
* Local variables (in functions/methods) are now declared at the
head of the function/method
* Compiler option decorators now take the form @compiler.<option>
* translator is now using unknown properties as module properties
Take care of this when mixing JS and Python code :
JS("var a = 1")
if a == 1:
"a" is not know to the translator because it was declared in JS.
Do this :
a = None
JS("a = 1")
Now a is known to python.
* #180 - 25% reduction in code output size thanks to Kees moving
some of the auto-generated code on a per-function basis into
javascript support routines.
* #152 - added buttonClick and fixed up CustomButton (see Toggle example)
#defines as well: only CustomButton was using them which was why nobody
* Allowed all widget constructors to take kwargs which will result
in the setXXXX method being called. Tuples as kwargs will result
in *args to the setXXXX method e.g.
p = HorizontalPanel(Size=("600px", "200%"),
is equivalent to:
p = HorizontalPanel()
p.setSize("600px", "100%")
This is a strategically very significant upgrade to Pyjamas Widgets:
it dramatically simplifies the creation of applications.
Closes #34.
* Added compile-options --[no-]bound-methods
* Added augassign for indexed items
* Whitespace cleanup of addons by stefan schwarzer
* Extended time module with gmtime/localtime/mktime and partial strftime
* Tuples no more behave like List. No mutating methods anymore to go
inline with the pyhton implementation.
* huge refactoring, with incompatible changes, see TODO
* the translator and the linker are now split
* python packages are now supported
* translation (not linking) is done on a per-file basis like in
python, no requirement for existing imports anymore
* overrides are searched for in a namespace package e.g
(__mozilla__), this means we can place overrides anywhere in the
* platforms can inherit from others e.g. spidermonkey inherits from
mozilla (multioverride - no need for runner specific special
translation like the PyJS hack)
* public folders are looked up in any directory where a module lives
- this means the data_directory option is gone
* pyjs/builtin/public now holds required bootstrap script files
* there is a dev directory where all scripts from pyjs are now
generated via normal and buildout
* in the dev directory a test script tests the translator, browser-
and spidermonkey-linker, the spidermonkey linker test actually runs
* builtins now live in pyjs/builtin, those builtins (e.g. pyjslib)
are transparent from python
* Patch from Stefan Schwarzer to replace != None with is not None
and == None with is None, general clean-up.
* Got SVG 2D Canvas addonsgallery example working under Pyjamas-Desktop
(Gecko Engine). Requires a patch to XulRunner, for drawImage to work:
* Added libtest corrections thanks to stefan schwarzer
* Added PureMVC example EmployeeAdmin
* Added Gecko/XUL/Hulahop as Pyjamas-Desktop engine; added pyjd.setup
and functions (which are dummy in pyjs); added ~/.pyjd/pyjdrc
file to configure use of either pywebkitgtk or hulahop
* int() now raises ValueError
* Added __getitem__ to Exception
* Fix for cache-busting in build process with different versions
of python (use of md5 module), thanks to Oisin Mulvihill
* Added support for reaching subscript js objects with python syntax
* Added 'native' functions doc() and wnd() to reach $doc and $wnd
* Added platform merge for simple class attribute assignments
* Moved top-level option and track variable to safe variable $pyjs
* Repaired pyv8 code
* Namespace safe module imports
* Simplified import for pyjs
* Added isinstance(s, str) and isinstance(s, int) support
* Monster update to include Pyjamas-Desktop
* Added imperfect support for local import/from-import
* Added support for toplevel conditional import/from-import
* Added name mapping to protect javascript reserved function methods
and reserved local variables (e.g. .name/.prototype, this/arguments)
* Revised name (variable/class/function/...) lookup
* Extended compile option support for commandline building and
compiling and for function / method decorators
* Added __repr__() and toString() to list/tuple/dict
* Disable source-tracking on Modload for better trace dumps
* Use pyjslib.cmp() for <, <=, >, >= to enable type comparing (tuple/list/dict)
* Performance improvement pyjslib.eq / pyjslib.cmp
* Added support for iterable single argument in min()/max()
* Circular imports permitted
* Extended try-except support
* Extended raise statement support
* Added support for assigning instance methods to variables
* Bugfix/performance enhancement method argument checking
* Added Window.setOnError() and Window.onError()
* Changed compiler flag -d behavior (wrap function calls in switch)
* Added compiler flag --disable-store-source
* Added compiler flag --disable-source-tracking
* Modified debug and tracing
* Added support for 'for' iteration over slice
* Added support for function call in global variable
* Enhancement of import and from statement
* Added missing imports (bernd)
* use getattr for listener check in Image implementation (bernd)
* Bugfix for sprintf (in IE6)
* Added partial implementation for sys.exc_info()
* Added extended support for try...except...else
* Added support for attribute checking, with compiler flag
* Added support for super(type, type)
* Bugfixes in libraries and example
* Added compile option to disable argument checking
* Added argument checking on all functions/methods
* Added kwarg parsing on all generated functions
* Added parital implementation of super() function
* Changed Javascript backend for generating classes
* Added missing import in library/pyjamas/ui/
* Improved the tab panel corners example (thanks to daryl daly)
* Added gmap example (Thanks to Greg)
* Added support for x in [1,2,3]
* Added bit about css tables to faq
* Added alternative to, thanks to delaney
* Added missing imports in library (thanks to jukart)
* Added much better sprintf which has dict support (Yaay! thank you kees)
* Added NameError, ValueError and IndexError exceptions (thanks to Kees)
* Extended string startswith, endswith, added ljust, rjust and center
(thanks to Kees).
* Added "pow", "hex", "oct", "round", "divmod", "all", "any" and "delattr".
(thanks to Kees).
* Added subscript support and more, from the llpamies branch (lkcl), to
get pygtk working.
* Added support for x ** y syntax (thanks to Kees).
* Fixed getBoundingClientRect off-by-one bug (firefox 3 returns an
inaccurate float, not an int) thanks to khiraly
* Added ToggleButton, PushButton and CustomButton (thanks to khiraly)
* Added means to return and call functions from another function call
(added by Kees)
* Added means to derive classes from classes in other modules
e.g. from module import parent; class child(parent): pass
(thanks to Kees Bos).
* Added class "Zero args" support (thanks to Kees Bos).
TODO: support runtime exceptions when number of function
call arguments is wrong, as illustrated in the new LibTest.
* Added Multiple Inheritance (thanks to Kees Bos)
* Add support for Google Gears (Database)
* Completed DisclosurePanel port
Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.5
* Fixed Autocompletion which just needed non-modal on PopupPanel
(thanks to lovelysystems for implementing non-modal dialogs
otherwise it wouldn't be possible to fix Autocompletion)
* Added implementation of metaclass "type" function
* Made KeyboardListener a singleton module rather than have a class
named the same as the module. Likewise with MouseListener, Event
and Focus.
* Added Right-clickable Context Menus, and added an example in KitchenSink to show how to set them up.
* Added python-spidermonkey as an experimental platform, exactly like now there is
* Top-level global variables, and top-level functions, now
correctly scope in a module (thanks to Jose for raising this one)
* String constants are now returned as instances of String()
which results in them having the __iter__ method that has
been added to the proto of the javascript base String type.
* made TypeError inherit from BaseException rather than being a
javascript proto from Error(). TypeError can now be raised
as an Exception, with a message.
* made == comparison use __eq__, which conditionally uses __cmp__
if it is available: this fixes bugs in comparison of lists in the
LibTest. replaced a large number of numerical "==" comparisons
with "is", so that __eq__ doesn't get called (efficiency).
* added support for calling *args on functions: previously, a call
function(*args) would result in the args being thrown away!
* made Tuple its own class, rather than inheriting from List, in order
that it can be distinguished from List. __cmp__ of a List with a
Tuple now correctly fails.
* rewrote the examples/libtest so that they can be run under standard
python (python ./ this allows for a comparison of pyjs
against standard python.
* add method extend to pyjslib.List
* add float to builtins
* add pyjamas.log based on examples/libtest/
* registered builtin function 'cmp'. was already implemented but not
registered in
* added an --optimize option to which results in removing print
statements. this could be further improved. e.g. when assert is
* fixed Mozilla "Permission Denied" bug in DOM.isOrHasChild
* pyjslib.Dict now use the hash method to generate keys internally,
so it si possible to use objects as keys like in python. For
limitations on dicts read examples/libtest/
Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.4
* convert app "loading" to require the use of "if __name__ == '__main__'"
bringing pyjamas into line with "standard" python. apps can convert with
contrib/pyjamas_0.4-0.5_upgrade/ to add a small codefragment
at the end: "app = MyApp(); app.onModuleLoad()"
* added string iterator (for c in "hello")
* added stacktrace recording and notification when -d option is given
to builder. expensive but useful.
* added a helper tool (in contrib) called which helps convert
apps: "from pyjamas.ui import X,Y" is converted to
"from pyjamas.ui.X import X; from pyjamas.ui.Y import Y"
* split into separate modules. cache file sizes are now drastically
reduced due to importing only including what is needed. the reduction
is possible with both dynamic and static code-generation, although not
as much for static.
* dynamic module loading is now possible (add -m 1 to build). each module
is placed in its own separate cache file, with platform overrides
also getting their own cache file. cache files are shared between
platforms rather than four separate identical compiled modules being
created. none of this optimisation is possible without dynamic loading
* added "reverse" method of List. Thanks to Soulburner
* The user.agent value for Mozilla is no longer "moz", instead
"mozilla" is returned, to be consistent with platform names.
* .cache.html files are now generated with their md5 hash in the name
like in gwt. This now allows to cache those files on the
browser. add -c or --cache-buster to builder command-line to enable.
* all none-native functions always return None now, which matches the
behaviour of python.
* implemented "lambda". note that lambdas are only supported without
kwargs or varargs
* "while" and "if" statements now use the new "bool" function to
evaluate their expressions. Now it is possible to do things like
"if ([])".
* implemented builtin "bool" function, also the "is" and "is not"
operators are now generating "===" and "!==", this is needed to
distinct between undefined and null.
* added CaptionPanel (see showcase)
* the pyjs compiler now uses the pyjs.path variable using the same
semantics as sys.path in python to find python module files to be
compiled to javascript. the path can also be set via the
environment variable PYJSPATH
* Changed development setup to generate ./bin/pyjscompile ./bin/pyjsbuild
* implemented "isdigit" for strings
* added support for unicode constants, the encoding is now explicitly
set in the *.cache.html files to "utf-8". Strings should now be
encoded in a safer manner.
* implemented basic Exceptions in pyjslib and added them to the global
* implemented try except statements with an expression. Raising and
catching of class based Exceptions is now possible. String based
Exceptions also work.
* implemented the 'isinstance' builtin function, currently only
works on normal class instances.
* implemented the 'raise' statement. it only works with a single expression.
* changed 'getattr' to accept a default and raise an AttributeError
if the attribute cannot be found.
* implemented 'setattr'
* added none modal behaviour to DialogBox
* fixed bug if mouse is moved too fast while dragging a dialog
* added support for statements at the "global" level in, so
that compiling "if __name__ == '__main__': " and other such global
code statements will now work.
Changes made to Pyjamas since 0.3
* Added library/ and library/, along with
examples/splitpanel. NOTE: splitpanels should be in ui.
* Changed ui.TabBar.insertTab() to allow widgets to be passed as well as text.
* Added examples/tabpanelwidget
* Added gtk_converter to the "contrib" directory (thanks to Jeremy)
* Added library/ which includes DecoratorPanel,
DecoratedTabPanel and DecoratedTabBar. NOTE: these classes should
be in ui.
* Added examples/slideshow
* Added support for slicing with negative numbers.
* Added examples/jsobject
* Added support for a debugging mode, which can be turned on by include a "-d"
command-line option when calling With this option turned on, each
statement in your Python code is surrounded by a try...except statement that
displays an alert if an exception occurs. The alert message contains the
original Python source text, the line number in your Python source file
where the error occurred, and the details of the Javscript error which
occurred. This should greatly simplify debugging your Pyjamas code.
* Issue #75: Added support for "is not None" syntax.
* Issue #85: Implemented the repr() built-in function.
* Issue #93: Implemented dict.items().
* Issue #95: Implemented Window.prompt().
* Issue #100: Added a setPadding() method to ui.CellPanel.
* Issue #103: Implemented the enumerate() built-in function.
* Issue #104: Added the ability to assign to a list of variables, for example:
x,y = self.method()
* Issue #105: Implemented the min() and max() built-in functions.
* Issue #88: It is now possible to use the getattr() built-in function to
obtain a method, and then pass parameters to that method when you call it.
There is a new example in the "examples/" directory, called "getattr", which
demonstrates how this can be used.
* Issue #111: Added XOR and bit-shift operators, thanks to legith.
* Issue #112: Added support for the ord() and chr() built-in functions
(thanks, legith!).
* Issue #113: Implemented support for basic try...except statements. There is
also a new module, examples/libtest/, which tests the use of
the try...except statement.
Bug Fixes, etc.
* Added a new implementation of sprintf.
* Issue #86: Fixed a bug which could cause HTTPRequest to crash. Thanks to
finder83 from for helping to find this.
* Added standard images to use for the edges and corners of a dialog box
* Various changes to and to (partially) support event handling on
dialog boxes.
* Fixed a bug in ui.CellFormatter.getElement() which could cause a crash.
* Fixed a problem with ui.FormSubmitEvent.setCancelled()
* Fixed bug in ui.clickDelegatePanel.onBrowserEvent() which caused a crash
when processing a keyDown event.
* Changed ui.ClickDelegatePanel.onBrowserEvent() to check that the key
delegate actually has an "onKeyDown" method before attempting to call it.
* Issue #54: Fixed a probem with browser detection (via the "user-agent"
string) under Internet Explorer 7.0. Apparently Microsoft decided to change
the user-agent string in IE 7, breaking the code in Pyjamas which identified
the user's browser.
* Removed code from DOM.init() which was attempting to fix a bug with
capturing elements, but didn't work.
* Fixed a bug in ComplexPanel.insert which was causing Internet Explorer 6 to
corrupt its DOM model.
* Issue #53: Fixed a problem with operator precedence.
* Issue #91: Added DOM.eventGetCurrentEvent() function to retrieve the current
* Changed FocusWidget.onBrowserEvent() to check that the click listener
actually has an "onClick" method before attempting to call it.
* Issue #82: Changed content-type sent by library/HTTPRequest.asyncPostImpl to
"application/x-www-form-urlencoded" rather than "text/plain". This allows
the HTTPRequest object to be used to make AJAX calls using HTTP POST
* Issue #81: Fixed library/ui.Panel.clear().
* Added a cascading stylesheet to the examples/mail program
* Issue #106: Fixed a problem where using a tuple as a dictionary key produced
unexpected results
* Issue #107: It is now possible to include a plus sign at the start of a
numeric literal
* Moved from the addons directory into library.
* Issue #80: Changed many of the examples to use the new "pyjamas" package
* Fixed a problem with using negative slices on lists (thanks, Legith).