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# Kana Grid
-|a |ka |sa |ta |na |ha |ma |ya |ra |wa |
-|あ |か |さ |た |な |は |ま |や |ら |わ |
-|い |き |し |ち |に |ひ |み | |り | |
+Japanese phonetic characters (kana) can be roughly organized into a grid:
+|a |ka |sa |ta |na |ha |ma |ya |ra |wa |n |
+|あ |か |さ |た |な |は |ま |や |ら |わ |ん |
+|い |き |し |ち |に |ひ |み | |り | | |
+|う |く |す |つ |ぬ |ふ |む |ゆ |る | | |
+|え |け |せ |て |ね |へ |め | |れ | | |
+|お |こ |そ |と |の |ほ |も |よ |ろ |を | |
+The goal of this library is to make working with and iterating over that grid
+easy. It's a wrapper around some data, with some utility methods thrown in.

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