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Nomie Cloud App Example - Big Spender

NOTE: This is a work in progress

This repo is for Big Spender, a Nomie Cloud App that is currently available in the Nomie Market. The purpose of repo is to give those who want to build their own Cloud Apps a NodeJS based starting point.

This Cloud App Requires:

  • Node JS
  • Redis (optional if wanting email notification)


git clone
cd bigspender
npm install


npm start

By default the app will be running at http://localhost:5000/


Before you can run Big Spender, you'll need to ensure you have Redis running.



Gotchas and other considerations

  1. Once a User has installed your cloud app, its configuration is forever set until the user deletes ithe app.

Meaning that you cannot update your base configuration (collection method, frequency, tracker slot details).

  1. Responses returned as a Modal within Nomie (using the html response opposed to the URL response) has limited HTML support. Specifically, all HTML is ran through a Markdown processor, so all inline styles, javascript and other funky stuff is removed.