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Nomie's Weather App

This repo contains the first version of Nomie's Weather app. The purpose is to showcase building an interactive Nomie app using a single javascript function and AWS Lambda.

What's a Nomie Cloud App? Here's an Overview

(I'm sorry for not having more time to get in to the details, I just wanted to get the code out sooner rather than later.)

High-level flow

Cloud App Response

When a Cloud App runs, it has a few different ways of interfacing with the user.

  • HTML - display a modal that contains XSS filtered HTML (no inline styles, javascript etc)
  • URL - Display a website either within Nomie's builtin browser, or the users system web browser.
  • Notify - Display a small toast notification at the bottom of the users screen
  • Commands - Fire off multiple Nomie Commands

This specific weather app leverages the HTML and Commands.

HTML Response

Triggering Nomie Commands

Automatically Tracking the Temp and Humidity

AWS Setup

This part is going to be painfully thin on info... Sorry, I'll keep adding to it.