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Revision history for jslint4java

1.4.1 (2010-08-05)

  • issue 40: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on XmlResultFormatter.

1.4 (2010-07-27)

  • issue 35: Removed embedded JUnit.
  • issue 30: Add a "report" formatter to the ant task.
    • Also available on the command line with --report
  • issue 37: add a --encoding flag for specifying the encoding files on the command line.
  • issue 36: add a JUnit XML formatter.
  • issue 26: add support for .data() call in JSLINT.
    • This is only available in the Java API right now.
  • issue 39: add failureproperty to the ant task.
  • Use JCommander for flag processing.
    • [INCOMPATIBILITY] This means that command line option parsing has changed slightly. You now have to say --indent 2 instead of --indent=2.
    • [INCOMPATIBILITY] The minimum version of Java is now 6.
  • Update to JSLint 2010-07-14.
    • Adds options: es5, windows.
    • Removes options: sidebar.

1.3.3 (2009-12-02)

  • issue 8: add support for predef option.
  • Update to JSLint 2009-11-22
    • Adds "devel" option.

1.3.2 (2009-11-12)

  • issue 18: add support for external jslint.js.
  • issue 29: pretty up the docs some.
  • issue 32: clear up some non-partable tests.
  • Update to JSLint 2009-10-04.
    • Adds maxerr option.

1.3.1 (2009-07-30)

  • issue 21: Emit full filename in ant errors.
  • issue 22: Correct line & column numbers to be 1-based.
  • issue 23: State total error count in build failure message.
  • issue 24: make output more like javac for easier NetBeans parsing. (thanks, Ari Shamash!)
  • Update to JSLint 2009-07-25.

1.3 (2009-07-23)

  • [INCOMPATIBILITY] Rename package from net.happygiraffe.jslint to com.googlecode.jslint4java. This means that the antlib url is now antlib:com.googlecode.jslint4java.
  • Add support for the indent option.
  • Switch build to maven.
  • Update to JSLint 2009-07-08.

1.2.1 (2008-09-07)

  • Recompile with Java 5.

1.2 (2008-09-07)

  • [INCOMPATIBILITY] Rewrite the ant task so that it always uses filesets.
  • [INCOMPATIBILITY] Rewrite the ant task so that it always uses filesets.
  • [INCOMPATIBILITY] Move antlib to be antlib:net.happygiraffe.jslint.
  • Update to JSLint 2008-09-04.
  • Add a report() call to get at
  • Add in a formatter subelement to the jslint ant task. Output can now be in either XML or plain text and may be written to a file.
  • [INCOMPATIBILITY] Default to failing the build if all files do not pass JSLint. Add a haltonfailure attribute to disable this.

1.1 (2007-07-30)

  • Update to JSLint 2007-07-29.
  • Fixed Issue 1, a NullPointerException when encountering a fatal error. Many thanks to Rod McChesney for pointing this out.
  • Added an Ant task to run JSLint as part of the build. See the javadoc for details.
  • Added a Ruby script to automatically extract options & descriptions from JSLint.
  • All option descriptions now start with upper case.
  • Added a proper distribution (& src dist) to the build script.
  • Added a resetOptions() call to JSLint.
  • Switch to a more normal Rhino function call in JSLint.lint().

1.0 (2007-07-16)

  • original version
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