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an easy, simple, small binary size, runtime configuration boot loader for many kinds of popular embedded system and evaluation boards

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An easy, simple, light-weighted, small-bin-size, self-configuration, runtime-auto-adaptive boot loader for many kinds of popular and specified embedded system and boards.

Support Devices:

Src Fils:

entry.S , the start point of whole program in ARM ASM.

main.c , the main cycle of program as shell style UI

init.c , SoC core and on-chip peripheral devices initialization

serial.c , serial line (rs-232/UART) routines

utils.c , self-implemented C standard library functions

clock.c , clock generator arrangement

gpmi.c , low level routines of GPMI(general purpose media interface) linked with nand-flash and ethernet device.

net.c , IP stack alike function implemention

---- drivers:  off-chip(off-SoC) peripherals device  ----

dm9000x.c , dm9000 specific driving code 

k9f1208.c , k9f1208 nand flash specific driving code

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